Outstanding SEO Techniques That Definitely Works In Malaysia

25.84 Million!

That’s the number of people that have access to the Internet in Malaysia, according to 2019 Digital Reports.

With that being said, Malaysia is one of the leading countries that offers home ground to various business entrepreneurs.

However, not many business owners can figure out what it takes to help their business reach the top of the food chain.

Not all of them can create an outstanding digital marketing strategy for their business.


That’s because they just aren’t familiar with the latest market trends.

And if you want to create a well-rounded digital marketing strategy for your business, you shouldn’t ever omit Search Engine Optimization out of it.


What exactly is Search Engine Optimization?

How can it impact your business?

And that’s what we are here to help you with.

In this blog post, not only will we take a look at what search engine optimization is, but we will also learn about the latest SEO techniques that will definitely work in Malaysia.

Let’s not waste further time and head into it.

Let’s begin with Search Engine Optimization.

What Is Search Engine Optimization?

Let’s just assume that you want to buy a pair of shoes online.

In this case, what you will do is head over to a top E-commerce platform such as shopee and browse your way through the variety of choices at your disposal.



Instead, you will head over to the and type in something like:

“Buy Shoes Online”

“Buy Cheap Shoes Online”

“Shoes Shop Near Me”

We searched for “Buy Shoes Online” keyword on Google and came up with:

As you can see, these shoe businesses rank at the top of Google’s search engine results for the keyword “Buy Shoes Online” in Malaysia.


What if you have recently started your own online business and aren’t able to rank at the top?

Did you know that about 90% of people don’t go past Google’s first page results?

This means that if your website doesn’t rank at the top, then you are missing out on 90% of your prospects.

That’s disheartening, right?

Well, this is precisely where SEO works its magic.

With SEO, businesses can improve their website rankings on the search engine results for different keywords.

SEO’s the process of optimizing your online website content in such a manner that the search engines find your business relevant, thereby improving the ranking on the search engine results.

And that’s what SEO is all about.

Now that we know what search engine optimization is all about, it’s time that we took a brief look at the various SEO techniques that will definitely work in Malaysia.

Top SEO Techniques That Will Definitely Work In Malaysia

Let’s begin with our first:

YouTube SEO

98% of the overall Internet users in Malaysia watch videos online.

That’s almost most of the people that have access to the Internet that head over to the Internet and watch online videos.

And that’s where YouTube SEO comes in.

According to Forbes, “YouTube is the 2nd most popular and largest search engine in the world with more than 3 billion searches each month, thereby surpassing other search engines such as Yahoo, AOL, and Bing.”

When we mention the term “Search Engine,” not many people think about YouTube.

However, if you reside in Malaysia and want to make your website appear at the top of the search engine results, it’s time for you to create engaging videos and optimize each and every one of them for the purpose of SEO.

According to reports, a YouTuber witnessed a tremendous increase in traffic for the same content, however, with just a slight twist.

And the name of this twist goes by “YouTube SEO.”

Here’s how you can optimize your videos for SEO purposes:

  • Come up with an engaging SEO-friendly title for all of your videos that grabs the attention of your prospects at the very first sight.
  • Work on the written description of your YouTube videos. Throw in some keywords.
  • Create longer videos.
  • Design out-of-the-box thumbnails. After all, a good thumbnail plays a significant role in grabbing the attention of your prospects.

And if you follow these SEO tips and tricks for your Malaysian business, you will definitely knock it out of the park.

And this brings us to our second SEO technique that does well in Malaysia.

Voice Search

In Malaysia, about 28% of Internet users use the “Voice Search” feature for one purpose or another.

And if what the experts say is true, “Voice search is the future.”

That’s the reason you start preparing for it instantly.

According to reports, the number of people using voice search in Malaysia will significantly increase in 2020.

That’s the reason you need to include a voice search in your SEO strategy.

Let’s just assume that you want to search for the top restaurants in your area.

If you head over to a search engine and type in your query, you’d type in something like “Top restaurants near me.”

However, if you use the voice search feature, you will ask something like, “Which are the top restaurants near me?”

Did you notice the difference?

With voice search, we have the habit of using long-tail keywords most of the time.

Most of the voice-searches are questions.

And that’s where we can conclude that it’s time to optimize your website for such long-tail keywords.

Here are the top tricks that you need to keep in your mind:

  • Create content for long-tail keywords.
  • Make use of structured data.

Focus On User Experience

What did we learn up until now?

Malaysian people just love accessing the Internet for one purpose or another.

And that’s the reason there’s no better time to promote your business online than right now.

The world is shifting towards the digitalization era at a really rapid rate.

 And that’s what you need to take advantage of.

Let’s just assume that you visit a new website and find the website loading speed to be more than 5 seconds.


Would you be patient enough to wait?

Not many will.

And that’s the reason you need to focus on the user experience.

Search engines will always prefer to provide their users with top-notch results.

And if the search engines find your website not to be useful enough, your rankings will not improve anytime soon.

That’ the reason you need to keep these things in mind to make sure that Google finds your website to be relevant and useful:

  • Your posts should be friendly and easy to read.
  • Write in Inverted Pyramid manner
  • Make sure that the website design is simple and attractive
  • Work on the slow website loading speed.
  • Update content on your website on a regular basis.


In short, we can conclude that SEO holds the potential to make or break your business.

It’s the key to a successful digital marketing strategy.

And if you are a business owner in Malaysia looking forward to growing his business, it’s time that you used the different SEO techniques that we mentioned.

So, what are you waiting for?

Get started with your SEO Journey in Malaysia right now. This technique benefits you from many perspectives, such as finding a career as digital marketeer, and opportunity to boost your website traffic and make money online using advertisement platform.