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ZALORA is the well-known online fashion retailer in Malaysia. It has undoubtedly established itself as Asia’s leading online fashion destination and to date is not only the largest fashion dedicated e-commerce site within the South-eastern Asian region but also the fastest growing. Founded less than a decade ago in 2012, ZALORA’s online brand presence in countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei, Hong Kong, Taiwan and the Philippines are unprecedented. The platform’s product portfolio offerings are not just extensive, but also impressive with more than 500 popular international and domestic brands across the ‘current fashion spectrum’. The product range covered by ZALORA caters for both men and women with up to date accessories, clothing, shoes and as well as beauty/ personal care products. The company’s strategic 30-day free returns policy and exceptionally fast delivery coupled with free delivery offers and numerous payment methods have given ZALORA a distinct advantage over the company’s direct competitors. 

Why is ZALORA the Consumer’s Preferred Shopping Destination? 

Among the primary reason as to why ZALORA MALAYSIA has become the ‘consumer’s preferred shopping destination’ is the platform’s user-friendly navigation structure and intuitive operation mechanisms. The entire construct of ZALORA’s online store is immaculately laid out objectively towards optimisation and ensuring ‘ease of use’. First-time visitors to ZALORA are given a step by step guided tour on how to search for products and complete their transactions within a few clicks fast and easy.

Security is taken very seriously by ZALORA in the interest of consumers although there are numerous payment options which include invoicing, prepayment or debit/ credit card, all of them are secure and encrypted. Customers are kept cognizant about the status of their purchases via tracking numbers that they can keep an eye on until delivery is made to them. Apart from that, the usual turn-off often caused by delivery costs is absorbed by ZALORA when purchases exceed RM99 for East and West Malaysia which has been applauded by consumers across Malaysia. The fact that ZALORA also accepts returns provided the products are returned as was within 30 days of delivery is another critical success factor that has made ZALORA as popular as it is within less than a decade. 

ZALORA Affiliate Program Malaysia Overview

The ZALORA Affiliate program Malaysia is unique due to the various improvements that have been made to the construct of the affiliate program. The sale validation period has been set at 60 days after receipt of a specific order which provides affiliates ample time to strategize their marketing efforts. 

Support for affiliates also comes in numerous forms such as upsize commissions that are awarded based on affiliate performance throughout campaign seasons. Creative attractive banners of different sizes, onsite voucher codes, affiliate voucher codes, onsite deals, deep-links and product feed for aggregator websites that enable affiliates to access ZALORA’s product catalogue are all part of the unique support structure that makes everything easier. 

ZALORA Affiliates VS LAZADA Affiliates 

Whilst Lazada focuses on retail e-Commerce related to a variety of business activities such as logistics, warehousing, fashion, online payments, consumer electronics, ZALORA, on the other hand, specializes on a specific area in E-Commerce which is fashion and online retailing which gives affiliates a focal point to work on. Affiliate programs are chosen based on commission, products offered and platform ‘ease of use’. Both Lazada and ZALORA are very popular not just in Malaysia, but the entire region and chances are that those who have bought anything online would have heard of either Lazada or ZALORA. Lazada is the biggest marketplace in Malaysia mainly due to the fact that they sell everything from automotive products to electronic gadgets and baby diapers which would give affiliates a wider niche to focus on. However, competition amongst Lazada affiliates is exceptionally intense and their support structure leaves much to be desired for. 

On the other hand, ZALORA holds its ‘own’ market position as the biggest online clothing retailer in Malaysia and perhaps the region and with as many popular brands being associated ZALORA, it’s difficult to go wrong or get off track in regards to business objectives. The commissions offered by ZALORA may be seen as ‘lower than Lazada’ however when comparing products within the same category (fashion apparel, shoes, and accessories), ZALORA actually offers higher commission rates. The huge selection of clothing items, accessories and shoes from various top brands at reasonable prices makes it easier to ‘push’ products for diligent affiliates. You may also find some useful tips to make money online in Malaysia in our article.

Who is The Right Kind of Person for the ZALORA Affiliate Program Malaysia?

  • Individuals who have social media accounts and who are also interested in fashion
  • Individuals who have built an audience base that is interested in fashion or fashion trends 
  • Just about anyone who has used or made purchases from ZALORA
  • Those who have no qualms about blasting ZALORA’s discount code information

The Best Times to Push ZALORA Malaysia Campaigns 

Malaysians are seasonal shoppers which make it critical for affiliates to know when to strike as successful businesses are all about bringing the right product to the right people at the right price and at the right time, hence here are some of the best times or seasons to push ZALORA Campaigns 

  • Chinese New Year-Month
  • Hari Raya Month (Muslim clothes)
  • Christmas
  • Deepavali 

The World of ZALORA Discount Codes – Where to Find Them

ZALORA issues discounts codes on a multitude of platforms that provide customers with an incentive to make purchases which not only benefits the customer but also the affiliate partners. Below is a list of sites where ZALORA Discount Codes are available 

In the event that by the time that the readers read this the promo codes expire, all one has to do is type ‘ZALORA discount codes’ on Google Search and there will be plenty of sites offering discount codes to search from. 

Interesting Facts about ZALORA

  • Among the more interesting facts about ZALORA is ZALORA’s no-hassle return policy. Customers can return goods within 30 days from the delivery date, which very few other shopping platforms offer. 
  • Statistically consumers from Klang Valley form the biggest consumer group for ZALORA within the Southeast Asian region as consumers from this geographical zone account for the biggest percentage of the total sales volume for ZALORA
  • The site is so user-friendly that regular visitors to ZALORA spend on average only 8 minutes when they make purchases 

Famous Brands and Designers associated with ZALORA (Men & Women Fashion Category)

Whether shoppers intend to buy accessories, clothes or shoes, ZALORA has plenty to offer for almost every imaginable category. Among some of the more popular brands offered by ZALORA include the below:

Adidas, Casio, Converse, Daniel Wellington, DKNY, Dorothy Perkins, JAXON, Mango, MANGO Man, New Balance, Nike, Nose, Ray-Ban, Reebok, SK-II, Timberland, VANS and VINCCI.