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Affiliate Marketers And Businesses Need To Adapt To Fast-Changing Market Conditions, Says Expert

Asia’s strength lies in its numbers and diversity. Businesses and marketers are reaching out to the local audience to drive sales and incur profit. E-commerce in Asia is developing at an unbelievable rate compared to the rest of the world.

Localised advertisements seem to be the best bet for an international brand to market its product to the Asian target audience. As a result, affiliate marketing has been garnering remarkable attention in the region. Advertisers are jumping fast onto the bandwagon and social media enthusiasts are making clear cut moves to make use of the latest advertising trends.

The rise of affiliate marketing in Asia

While affiliate marketing is not a new method of advertising in the Western markets, it is relatively new in Asia. What’s more, affiliates are required to localise their content and build a relationship with their audience because trust is one of the most important criteria of successful affiliate marketing.

Asians are comfortable buying a product based on the affirmations and reviews of their social media friends compared to billboards and celebrity endorsements. Now, this is how affiliate marketing is fast gaining traction in Malaysia.

Interestingly, the expenditure on affiliate marketing in Japan in fiscal year 2013 was 134.21 billion Japanese Yen and is expected to increase to a whopping 465.41 billion Japanese Yen in 2023. This marks the rapid revolution in the advertising industry with affiliate marketing well on its way to take the center stage in Asia.

A must for affiliate marketers: Keeping up with the current trends

Hence, it is crucial for Asian affiliate marketers to keep track of the evolution of the industry and continuously upgrade themselves. This is necessary to avoid being left behind due to lack of industry knowledge.

ACCESSTRADE MY is a reputable affiliate marketing platform in Malaysia bringing all the relevant latest information regarding affiliate marketing to the table.

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Interview with the CEO of ACCESSTRADE Malaysia, Hayato Nakata

1) What have been the major challenges for affiliate marketers and businesses during the pandemic and the recession that followed?

Consumer behaviour changed a lot and this is a big impact to businesses. Many are facing reduced marketing budgets from clients. This can be impactful especially to affiliate marketing business.

2) How can they try to overcome these challenges for the time being? How did you face the challenge?

It is best to focus on demands from the consumers. For example, demand for online shopping increased during MCO. We were able to successfully deliver higher performance to specific campaigns. At the same time, we also worked hard to find new client niche with high demands such as logistics, food delivery, etc.

3) What should be long term goals of affiliate marketers and businesses in the face of the pandemic?

Identifying the new demand niche. For ACCESSTRADE Malaysia, our current focus is to improve our ad performance for our clients by giving the right market analytics from our data platform. We are using marketing data platform, in-house and 3rd parties to monitor the market demand. In addition, the current unstable job market is also increasing the demand for side income. Affiliate marketing is a good opportunity to make commissions using social media and digital marketing. We are now recruiting more new publishers and we aim to provide them with the right knowledge and skills to generate a steady source of income.

4) What is the most important aspect of this strategy?

For affiliate marketers and digital businesses, it’s vital to monitor the transition of consumer behavior carefully so that we can provide useful conference for targeted audiences of our clients’ campaigns. Consumers are always interested to save their money and purchase products and services online. We should continuously strive to provide helpful information to consumers so that they can make informed choices.

5) Personally, what do you think is the number one quality or attitude affiliate marketers and businesses should adopt to succeed in the industry?

I would say, businesses are required to be flexible in terms of adapting to the recession trend and fast changing market conditions. Basically, digitalisation will be accelerated in all aspects of corporate scenes including sales, servicing, hiring, financial, etc. Hence, finding the right solution to each of these elements will help affiliate marketers and businesses to find the right path during this difficult pandemic period.

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Panel session: How Affiliates Drive Revenue To The Business Through This Pandemic.

  • Moderator: Hayato Nakata, CEO of ACCESSTRADE Malaysia
  • Panelists:
    • Shohei Fujita (Jerry), Managing Director of ACCESSTRADE Global.
    • JC Lam, Partnership Manager, Regional at Involve Asia
    • Hari Krishan, Regional Affiliate Director of Neo Media World.

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