Pros and Cons Of Affiliate Marketing In Malaysia (And How You Can Beat The Cons!)

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You have heard enough about affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is one of the effective ways you can earn money online. All you need is a blog, website or social media accounts. Interestingly, you don’t even need a high number of followers. A mere 1,000 followers will be enough for you to kickstart your journey towards financial security with affiliate marketing.

As an affiliate, you will help brands to sell products to your audience and get a commission for every purchase they make. So, all you need to do is register to be an affiliate marketer and start promoting the products of top brands to start generating income each time someone makes a purchase using your affiliate link.

ACCESSTRADE MY is an affiliate marketing platform where you can choose top brands and products to promote to your followers. An established affiliate marketing platform like ACCESSTRADE MY will connect you to several brands at a time. As a result, you will be able to generate income from many campaigns and benefit from having a streamlined platform.

Source: Freepik

Frequently-asked questions regarding affiliate marketing

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  2. What are the advantages of affiliate marketing?
  3. Is being an affiliate worth it?

Here are all the pros and cons of affiliate marketing!

PRO 1: You can work with multiple top brands and multiple campaigns

When you join a trustable affiliate platform like ACCESSTRADE MY, you will have the access to a lot of top brands such as Lazada, Shopee, Watsons, and Zalora. You can choose the highest paying affiliate programs that you are interested in. As a result, you will have multiple income streams from all these campaigns and brands.

PRO 2: Affiliate marketing is FREE and easy to join

You can register for free with ACCESSTRADE MY and kickstart your journey in affiliate marketing in just 7 simple and straightforward steps. You can start right away and here are the steps!

PRO 3: You don’t have to worry about the campaign management

When you register with affiliate marketing platforms such as ACCESSTRADE MY, you don’t have to worry about the promotional materials such as banners, links and even articles. Most of the creatives will be provided by the merchants and if the platform you are working with is remarkable, you will be provided with extra materials to boost your conversion. For instance, ACCESSTRADE MY provides free sponsored articles for affiliates to use and promote certain products.

CON 1: High competition among affiliates

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Since affiliate marketing is growing rapidly, the competition is getting tougher. The key is to constantly upgrade yourself with the knowledge regarding digital marketing.

How to overcome CON1: When you register with ACCESSTRADE MY, you will also gain unlimited access to Accesstrade Academy where you will find lessons, videos and tutorials on subjects related to digital marketing. You can learn affiliate marketing techniques and strategies to boost your affiliate links for free.

CON 2: You may end up depending on one or two merchants

It is always wise to promote various brands and campaigns so that your income source is diversified. If you depend on just one campaign, you are taking risk and if the campaign is suddenly paused, your income will be impacted.

How to overcome CON 2: Choose an affiliate marketing platform that offers a wide number of advertisers and campaigns to diversify your income sources. In case one campaign is paused, you still have several others to support you.

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