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How to Promote Affiliate Links (Part 1)

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Affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing that uses a revenue sharing model between brands and affiliates. In simpler terms, an affiliate will help brands to sell products to their audience and get money for every purchase made through them.

In short, it is not enough to get a good following. You have to make sure your followers keep following you and trust you enough to click on your affiliate links.

For starters, you need to get onto a reliable and reputable affiliate marketing platform in the country. ACCESSTRADE MY is an affiliate marketing platform where you can choose top brands and products to promote to your followers. An established affiliate marketing platform like ACCESSTRADE MY will connect you to several brands at a time. Having top brands and products is crucial to keep your followers hooked.

If you are yet to be an affiliate marketer, you are missing out on one of the effectives ways to generate income using your social media, blog and website.

Here’s how to start affiliate marketing

Step 1: You need to be a publisher. A publisher is someone who owns an online media such as a blog, social media accounts or a website. Make sure your blog, website, or social media accounts do not contain any elements of pornography, gambling and offensive religious content.

Step 2: To register as a publisher at ACCESSTRADE MY, click here:

Step 3: Select your country. Take note that this is an important step as the list of advertisers or top brands differ according to the countries.

Step 4: Select the type of publisher account you want to register. Either individual or corporation.

Step 5: After filling up all the details very carefully, click the “Sign Up” button to submit. You will receive an email notification saying your registration is successful and you will be provided with an activation code. Use this activation code when you log in for the first time.

Step 6: Upon receiving the confirmation email and activation code, log in to the platform and fill in your personal data as required.

Step 7: You can now start applying for campaigns in the campaign menu located on the left side of your dashboard.

Promoting your affiliate link

One of the challenges of being a successful affiliate marketer is to keep churning out interesting content to promote your affiliate link. If you have been an affiliate marketer for some time now, you would know that you need to constantly change and improvise the way you promote your affiliate links. Otherwise, your followers will lose interest in your social media. Without followers, you might find it difficult to earn commissions.

The golden question is: How are you going to keep your followers engaged for the long run and continue earning commissions?

Worry no more! We have 14 foolproof ideas you can use to amp up your affiliate link promotion!

Idea 1: Communicate about interesting topics with your audience, instead of the product

Instead of bombarding your audience with never ending affiliate links in all your social media posts and risking them unfollowing you, you should go for indirect promotion.

If you want to promote a fitness product, you can share your fitness routine or highlight the importance of fitness to the overall wellbeing. Shift the focus from forcing them to buy the product based on face value to buying the product because of how it will better their lives.

Idea 2: Identify a problem and provide a solution to your followers

You can keep on listing how great a product is but your audience will continue being neutral about it. On the other hand, if you focus on the problems it can solve, your audience will be more interested. It would be great if you pick some problems that they don’t know can occur and give them a heads up about it.

Since you will be providing them a solution as soon as you highlight a problem, your affiliate link will definitely gain some traction and you will be able to see significant conversions.

Idea 3: Create ‘How To’ articles or videos

‘How To’ videos are popular among netizens because it is interesting and easy to understand. Create a step by step article or even better, produce a video with voice over that will guide them through the whole process.

For instance, if you are promoting a fitness product, you can come up with an article and video detailing the specific steps or routines that will give you six packs using the tools you are promoting.

As a result, your audience will gain some knowledge and will be motivated to click on your affiliate link. You will be enriching their lives and this will create a trust between you and your audience.

Idea 4: Share case studies or success stories about your affiliate product

There is nothing that piques the interest of the audience than success stories and case studies. They would be curious to know if a product really works and they will stop scrolling to click on your affiliate link.

Instead of going on and on about how great a product is, just show them that it works. If you can’t find people who have had great experience with the product, you can try it yourself, record your experiences, and share it with your audience.

Apart from being interesting, case studies and success stories are also authentic. As a result, your audience will trust you more!

Idea 5: Share authentic findings, statistics and expert views

Audiences trust scientific studies, proven findings, statistics and expert views better than speculations and random stories. Do your research, spend some time reading about the subject or product, talk to some experts if your network is extensive, join forums, and read so that you can gather enough information to create content.

This idea would work best if you are trying to push critical products such as credit cards, insurance and broadbands which usually have higher payouts.

Idea 6: Create review posts of the product

Audiences can be suspicious of your authenticity if you keep boasting that all the products you are promoting are the best out there. So, be careful of not overdoing it and strive to be honest with your audience. After all, they are your main asset!

Create a review post with details of the product, its uses, pros and cons. Try to be as authentic as you can without jeopardising your conversion. Instead of forcing them to buy the product, place your affiliate links several times at effective places so that audiences don’t have to look for the link themselves.

In the long run, your honesty will boost your social media presence and your audience will not doubt your intentions and authenticity.

Idea 7: Make use of festive seasons and promote the right products

Festive seasons are aplenty in Malaysia. When we are nearing festive seasons, do your research and find out the products that will be in high demand. Start promoting these products to the right audience with the right tone.

For instance, if it is New Year, you can use the resolution and ‘new year, new me’ sentiment to promote journals, fitness products, and so on. If it is Hari Raya, you can opt to promote clothes and makeup products.

Idea 8: Do product listicles

Instead of creating one content or one post for one product and tiring your audience, you should come up with listicles. However, you might need to spend a considerable amount of time to ensure you gather enough information and enough products for a listicle.

For instance, you can come up with a list of 10 best running shoes in Malaysia or you can even come up with 25 best wellness products. Your audience will be able to see products side by side and choose the one that suits them the best. You are also saving their time by gathering all the info at once place.

Apart from helping your audience, you will also be able to place more than one affiliate link in a listicle. This significantly increases your chances for conversion and consequently, your commissions.

Tips: Make sure you organise the information in an orderly manner.

Stay tuned for more tips in Part 2!