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How to Promote Affiliate Links (Part 2)

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Standing out among other affiliate marketers will guarantee you more eyeballs and you will be able to promote your affiliate links more successfully. To stand out among the rest and continuously produce good content, you need to be creative and ready to think out of the box.

Instead of doing what the others are doing which is constantly sharing the links in a simple post on social media, you have to go the extra mile, do some research and churn out high-quality content to build trust with your audience.

If you create a win-win situation for your audience to learn valuable insights through your postings, you will in return receive their clicks and subsequently, the commissions.

Here are more ways you can amp up your affiliate link promotion!

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Idea 9: Highlight products at various price points

Buyers are made up of different spending powers. Some do not care much about the price of the product while some may be living under a tight budget. As an affiliate marketer, you can promote products at different price points.

This way, you would be a preferred source of content for both types of buyers. The ones who don’t mind the hefty price tag and the ones who want to cut cost as much as they can.

Although this might require extra work from your part, you would be working towards securing a solid follower base that will contribute to your conversions.

Idea 10: Use email marketing to reach out to audience

Your email inbox would probably be full with promotional newsletters from companies, educational and informational newsletters from businesses as well as news newsletters from media. Email marketing is efficient in reaching a target audience directly. Hence, you have a lesser chance of being ignored and higher chance of conversion.

A well-planned email right to your followers’ inbox is the perfect opportunity to attract their attention towards your affiliate link. With the right subject title and well-curated content, your followers might be inclined to open the email, continue reading and click on your affiliate link.

Idea 11: Post on various social media platforms

Different social media platforms have different algorithms and audience base. If you focus on just one social media platform, you will be losing out on making impressions on other audiences from other platforms.

Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook will give you more numbers combined instead of just one of them. With affiliate marketing, it is crucial to reach a wider target audience for better results. Apart from opening social media accounts and posting regularly, you should also keep an eye on the analytics of each of the platforms.

By focusing on the analytics, you would be able to create more specific and impactful content to attract more people to follow you and click on your affiliate link. Information such as demography, gender and active times are highly useful.

When you use a platform and customise your posts according to the needs and habits of the people using the platform, you will get their attention faster!

Idea 12: Engage audiences with unboxing videos

The unboxing video is the latest trend on social media. Influencers record when they unbox the products they endorse as a means of promotion. Unboxing videos are fun to watch, short and very straight forward.

Since many products come in boxes and a lot of emphasis is given to packaging and labels nowadays, unboxing video will do the job neatly. You will be promoting the product in a unique way while audience get to see the look and feel of the product without much editing.

Idea 13: Pique the interest of the audience with before and after photos

Just like unboxing videos, before and after photos also receive high engagements. Audience will be curious of what it took for the process to happen. If they like the after photo, undoubtedly, they will click on your affiliate link, make purchases and earn you commissions.

Before and after photos are perfect for fitness and makeup products. The difference would be huge and the before and after photos will be effective in making your audience interested in the product you are promoting.

Idea 14: Last but not least, create a strong personal brand

Your personal brand on social media platform is important. An authentic influencer or affiliate marketer earn trust easily from the audience. Your personal brand can be anything from the tone and theme of your posts, issues that you care about the most, and the type of product you promote.

As you grow your personal brand, people with start to identify you using your personal brand. For instance, if you are a fashion enthusiast and you are good in mixing and matching, the next time someone wants inspiration for their looks, they will automatically search for your profile to get some tips.

As you continue building trust with your audience, you will also be able to earn good commissions!

There you go! 14 simple yet effective ways you can amp up your content to promote affiliate links more efficiently!