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Earn More With ACCESSTRADE Malaysia’s Referral Programme In Just 3 Steps

Times are tough and we know that you would have heard that statement countless times since March this year. With the increase of COVID-19 cases since September 2020 and the CMCO which started in October 2020, times are indeed getting tougher.

We, at ACCESSTRADE Malaysia, have come up with a plan to help our affiliate marketers earn more money during this economic uncertainty. ACCESSTRADE Malaysia’s Referral Programme rewards affiliate marketers who introduce new members to join the platform.

With a lot of people looking for a side income, we believe this campaign will benefit both the referrer and the referee. So, what should you do and what is the incentive?

How to participate in the Referral Programme?

Worry not! It only takes three easy and straightforward steps!

  1. Sign up to become an ACCESSTRADE Publisher if you are not one yet.
  2. Access the Publisher account dashboard, click the “Referral” tab and select “Invitation URL”.
  3. Copy the Invitation URL and share it on your own social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Blog to invite other people to sign up as ACCESSTRADE Malaysia’s Publishers.

You can track the number of publisher sign-ups from your invitation URL and the commissions earned on your dashboard under “Referee Performance” and “Conversion Report”.

What are the rewards?

You will be rewarded when the new publisher you referred generate clicks or gets commissions approved.

Here is how you can earn up to RM2,250 as your referral commission:

Amazingly, you can start earning as soon as your referee generates just one click using any of the affiliate campaigns via ACCESSTRADE Malaysia. The more your referee earn, the more you will earn. Hence, inviting friends and family members to join the Referral Programme will definitely benefit you now and in the long run.

What’s more, you will receive your approved commissions in your registered bank account within 45 days after the validation/account closing on the 10th of every month. Once you have reached the minimum payout of RM60 for Malaysian publishers and USD150 for overseas publishers, the payment will be transferred automatically, and no invoice is required.

Double your income with the Referral Programme

If you do affiliate marketing on a regular basis and you are earning a steady stream of commissions, joining the referral programme can even double your income. If you are a seasoned affiliate marketer, you can teach some of the technicalities, tips, tricks and skills involved in affiliate marketing to your friends and family members.

As a result, they will start earning faster and consequently, you would be earning your referral commissions faster too.

Moreover, you would be able to create a community of affiliate marketers with your close friends and family members leading to shared ideas and productive discussions to be better affiliate marketers and earn more money via affiliate marketing.

Success stories of other referrers!

Take this chance to make more money and to expand your personal brand as an affiliate marketer!

Join ACCESSTRADE Malaysia’s Referral Programme via THIS LINK!