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Top SEO Strategies To Boost Your Affiliate Marketing

It is true that all you need is a blog and social media handles to be a successful affiliate marketer and generate great side income. You need an audience who trust you and will click on your affiliate links and give you conversions every time you post your affiliate links.

If you are producing content for your blog to bring your affiliate marketing efforts to a new level and want to reach a bigger and better audience, you need to rank in the first page of Google Search rankings.

This can only be done if your SEO is top-notch. A well-organised SEO strategy will help you rank higher in Google Search rankings and reach more audience. More audience, more visibility, more clicks and hence, more conversions!

The problem is SEO strategies keep changing according to the latest trends. One day, you are told to focus on keywords and the next day, you are told that you need to do more than keywords alone.

What are the latest SEO strategies for affiliate marketing? How can you reach more audience?

First and foremost, what is SEO and how to master it?

What really is SEO?

SEO is Search Engine Optimisation and is the best tool to gain organic traffic to your website. There are three types of SEO which are on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and technical SEO.

Just like the name suggests, on-page SEO takes into account whatever is on the surface of your content. This includes keywords, heading, and title. On the other hand, off-page SEO includes backlinks that are directing people from other websites to your websites.

Meanwhile, technical SEO is the backend and involves skilled professionals. Ideally, you should cover all these three aspects to make sure your SEO is top-notch. Leaving out any of these will negatively impact your ranking and organic traffic.

Hence, you need SEO strategies which work well for your content and will be effective in bringing organic traffic to your website.

Well, we have done the research and curated several SEO strategies for affiliate marketing that will be effective!

Here are the top SEO strategies for affiliate marketing

  1. Aim for the right keywords

The search engine still revolves around keywords. You need to be aware of the user’s search intent to be able to produce unique, trending and valuable content for your users. Doing thorough keyword research will help you to tap onto your audience’s search intent and benefit from the organic reach.

An easy way is by simply typing in a keyword in the Google Search bar. You will get a list of suggestions even before you finish typing the keyword. These suggestions appear because they are commonly searched by users.

Take note: Long-tail keywords are usually less competitive than short-tail keywords.

However, if you need a more comprehensive report on the search volume and competition levels of the keywords, using keyword search tools such as Ahrefs, SEMRush and Ubersuggest will provide you with the right numbers.

  1. Sharpen your on-page SEO

There are simple ways to enhance your on-page SEO. Firstly, add some internal links. Keep in mind that these links need to come from high authority websites. Secondly, use short and keyword laden URLs for your posts. Next, find related keywords using Google Search and add them to your content. You can also add them to the images you use in your content.

Apart from using your keyword in the body of your content, you should also insert it into your headline, title tag, meta description and subheadings.

  1. Properly categorise your pages on your website

A cluttered website with all information chucked onto a single page will not fare well when it comes to SEO. Carefully curate the content of your website and separate the About, Services, Products, Contacts, FAQ and more to ensure all your contents are optimised and displayed accordingly.

Search engines will be able to capture the keywords present on your website only if you have categorised them well. Take note that Google crawls, indexes and ranks pages based on the purpose of the page.

  1. Use Google Search Console generously

Google Search Console will help you track issues related to your sites that may affect your SEO ranking. You can check for crawl errors such as 404 pages, submitting new sitemaps and find out the keywords that are working for you.

Glitches such as the 404 page can negatively affect user experience and affect your ranking.

  1. Update your old content

If you have been producing content for some time, you will surely have a long list of content and it is highly likely that you have produced some which had done well in terms of organic traffic. Do not let them go to waste! You can repurpose them and generate more organic traffic to your website!

But before that, you need solid data to find out the content with the big numbers. This can be done by using Google Analytics. Look for articles with the highest number of page views and repurpose them.

Be careful not to just repost it without updating the information first. It is crucial to make sure all the data are up-to-date and relevant to your audience. You can also reword your headline to be catchier and trendier. If you have added any images previously, make sure they are still relevant now.

Once you are done with the changes to polish the content, repost it with new captions to garner more attention this time around!

It’s time to put the SEO strategies to work!

These are some of the ways to boost your SEO, improve your Google Search ranking and drive organic traffic to your website. Done correctly, an SEO-optimised content will continuously provide you with traffic in the long run!