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Here’s Why You Need A Website & Google Ads To Generate Income

Affiliate marketing is one of the effective ways you can earn money online. All you need is a blog, website, or social media accounts. Interestingly, you don’t even need a high number of followers. A mere 1,000 followers will be enough for you to kickstart your journey towards financial security with affiliate marketing.

As an affiliate, you will help brands to sell products to your audience and get a commission for every purchase they make. So, all you need to do is register to be an affiliate marketer and start promoting the products of top brands to start generating income each time someone makes a purchase using your affiliate link.

ACCESSTRADE MY is an affiliate marketing platform where you can choose top brands and products to promote to your followers. An established affiliate marketing platform like ACCESSTRADE MY will connect you to several brands at a time. As a result, you will be able to generate income from many campaigns and benefit from having a streamlined platform.

One of the most crucial aspects of affiliate marketing is to use specific digital marketing strategies to upgrade your performance in social media. We had a chat with a very successful affiliate marketer who shared his tips to drive more conversions.

Wong kickstarted his affiliate marketing journey in July 2020 and has been steadily making progress.

Wong’s tips to earn more via affiliate marketing…

Question 1: Can you share a little bit about the strategy you have been using for your affiliate marketing?

Answer 1: Some of the strategies I used were creating a website, gathering data about the traffic to the site using Google Ads, controlling SEO and focusing on the keywords. The click-through rate (CTR) increased and as a result, sales increased too.

Question 2: Any particular reason you decided to try this strategy?

Answer 2: It was recommended to by a friend and it seemed to be a great strategy that returned rewards quickly.

Question 3: What were the objectives you were trying to achieve using these strategies? 

Answer 3: Learning about affiliate marketing mostly but trying to get a return on investment as well.

Question 4: Did you achieve your target using these strategies?

Answer 4: Yes, the return of investment was achieved and it was a great learning experience.

Question 5: What has been the best strategy for you so far?

Answer 5: Utilising a website and Google Ads was the best strategy that has worked out so far.

Question 6: What are your tips to remain relevant and active on the social media platform?

Answer 6: Knowing the tools that are available to the average user and learning how to utilise them is important in succeeding through affiliate marketing.

Question 7: How have you benefited from ACCESSTRADE MY?

Answer 7: ACCESSTRADE MY was my starting point with affiliate marketing. Without their help, I would have never known about the business model. Furthermore, ACCESSTRADE MY has helped me earn extra passive income after the first initial set up.

Question 8: What advice would you give to those people who are skeptical about digital marketing?

Answer 8: Knowing what to do and starting is difficult. Listen to an expert and have them guide you through your journey.

ACCESSTRADE MY is committed to continuously enhance the performance of our publishers through various online and offline events, sharing sessions, knowledge sharing, and upskilling through ACCESSTRADE Academy.

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