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Using SEO & SEM To Boost Your Affiliate Marketing Campaign

How do affiliates increase traffic? How can I increase my affiliate income? What is the best traffic source?

These are some of the common questions we receive as an affiliate platform. Our family of 5,000 affiliate marketers are always on the go to continuously increase their performance and eager to learn ways to make their commissions multiply.

One of the most crucial aspects of affiliate marketing is to use specific digital marketing strategies to upgrade your performance in social media. Our digital marketing expert Reva is all ready to spill the beans on how you can improve your affiliate marketing performance and increase commissions.

Using SEO and SEM as key strategies to promote products online

First and foremost, what are SEO and SEM?

SEO is Search Engine Optimisation that will enable your website to be easily picked by search engine crawlers and will be ranked higher in the search engine results pages.

SEM is Search Engine Marketing and is often associated with Pay Per Click or PPC. When you use SEM, you are buying ad space in the search engine results. You will appear above all the other rankings.

When someone searches for something that is connected to your service or brand, your ad will appear to them. Hence, the chances for the conversion is higher since you are targeting a specific audience.

Brand bidding is one of the techniques used in affiliate marketing. When you use brand bidding in your PPC campaign, you are paying to use a brand as a keyword. When someone searches for a particular brand that is connected to your service, your ad will appear first. While it can be highly efficient, brand bidding in affiliate marketing has to be done cautiously.

It is imperative to get the authorisation from the merchant or advertiser before you use their brand name for brand bidding.

Which is better? SEO or SEM?

If you are looking for long-lasting results, it would be better to focus on SEO as the rankings are earned organically through technical SEO, on-site SEO and off-site SEO. Your website will appear longer in the search results.

On the other hand, if you are looking for highly targeted traffic, SEM is the way to go. As long as you pay for your ad space through PPC, you will remain the on top of the search engine results page.

How did our digital marketing expert make use of SEO and SEM in affiliate marketing?

Question 1: Can you share a little bit about the strategy you have been using for your affiliate marketing?

Answer 1: To recruit our affiliate marketers/publishers, we are using Google SEO/SEM. We are also doing Media Buy for our clients to increase their conversion.

Question 2: Any particular reason you decided to try this strategy?

Answer 2: Having an SEO, SEM optimised website makes it easier for publishers to find our affiliate program.

Question 3: What were the objectives you were trying to achieve using these strategies?

Answer 3: The objective of this strategy is to recruit more publishers to promote our advertiser brand and increase our conversion rate.

Question 4: What were the challenges you faced during the implementation of these strategies?

Answer 4: Brand awareness. The lack of brand awareness in the market sometimes leads to trust issues. Another issue was the lack of knowledge about Digital Marketing.

Question 5: Were you able to achieve your targets?

Answer 5: Yes, we have managed to achieve our target using SEO and SEM for our campaign.

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