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Review: [ACCESSTRADE Alliance Marketing Platform] Take you to become a promoter!

Review by See Ling

In Malaysia, besides Involve Asia, there is another alliance marketing platform called ” ACCESSTRADE “.

Want to become a publisher, but don’t know what to do? Just read this!

The step-by-step procedures for applying for affiliate programs, obtaining exclusive links, and how to obtain individual product links are all here!

Everything in this article is completely free! So don’t worry about taking any risks, you can start at zero cost.

No matter if you have a website/blog, or if you are from the media and want to share good things with relatives and friends, you can get some commissions from it.

You can try this popular marketing method in foreign countries-affiliate marketing!

Here will take you step by step to apply for ACCESSTRADE to become a promoter.

You can also read the FAQ first to see if there are any questions about you, and then decide to apply to join after a brief understanding.

Please make good use of the catalog to make it easy to find the information you want.

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ACCESSTRADE was established in 1999 by Interspace Digital in Tokyo, Japan. It is one of Japan’s largest alliance marketing platforms, with more than 20 years of experience, and has expanded to Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, India, Singapore and Malaysia.

It started operations in Malaysia in 2018 and is expanding year by year. There are more than 8,500 merchants and more than 790,000 promoters all over the world.

Cooperative merchants include Shopee, Lazada, Adidas, etc.

ACCESSTRADE promoter application steps

Without further ado, let’s get started!

Click the button below to go to the ACCESSTRADE affiliate promoter registration page.Join ACCESSTRADE as a promoter

Site URL Fill in the URL of your website or YouTube channel, social media (Instagram/ Facebook) account link.

Site name Fill in your Instagram or Facebook name; or website name.

Fill in the email and password again.

After filling in, click “Sign Up”.

Then enter your account behind the scenes.

Now just follow the instructions in “Try it out” in ACCESSTRADE.

Need to fill in some basic information (4 questions) and take you to understand this platform.

The first question is to fill in your name and phone number.

For the second question, select the type of URL you filled in earlier.

Friends on the website choose Blog, like Instagram/ Facebook, choose Social Network.

The third question, how do you get traffic?

Choose Organic Search for natural traffic.

The last question is how do you guide your audience/potential customers.

If none of the above, then you can fill in Other Advertising Network.

Steps to apply for merchant affiliate program

After completing the 4 questions, ACCESSTRADE will take you step by step to apply for the merchant affiliate program. The model merchant is Lazada.

After applying for ACCESSTRADE, you can not directly use the affiliate marketing plan of each merchant. You need to apply again. Some merchants can get the affiliate marketing link immediately after passing it.

Some require the merchant to pass it before you get approval to promote.

You can save this article first, and then if you have completed these steps but forgot how to get the merchant link, you can check back here.

Click Campaigns on the left.

There will be Recommended, Available Campaigns, Affiliated Campaigns, Applied Campaigns, Rejected Campaigns and Advanced Campaigns.

Recommended: Recommended affiliate merchants/events
Available Campaigns: All merchants/events in ACCESSTRADE
Affiliated Campaigns: Affiliated merchants/events you have passed (you can start to promote)
Applied Campaigns: The affiliate merchants/events you apply for that require approval
Rejected Campaigns: Rejected affiliate business/event

If you are rejected, don’t worry, you can ask ACCESSTRADE for the reason and explain your situation to them. It may be improved and approved.

The demonstration here is to apply for Lazada’s affiliate program.

Click the photo of the business you want to apply for.

Then you will see the merchant’s alliance details, such as the calculation method of affiliate marketing, commissions, and cookie validity days, Banned promotion methods, etc.

If you don’t know what cookies are valid for, how to calculate affiliate marketing, such as CPS, CPA and CPL, you can read this article:
What is affiliate marketing? Newbies must know the content. Attach a real case!

Check directly what cookie days are

After understanding, click “Apply Now” and “Yes” to complete.

Some businesses do not need to be reviewed, while others need to be reviewed before they can start promotion.

Steps to get affiliate link

Click Campaigns> Affiliated Campaigns on the left.

Click on the affiliate business/event that has successfully applied for.

Click on the Affiliate Link above, press the copy, and you will immediately get your exclusive affiliate link!

How to get links to individual products

Campaigns> Affiliated Campaigns> Choose a business> Custom Creatives

For example: After you get your link in affiliate link, open it to query the product you want, put the link of that product in the “Landing URL” in “Custom Creatives”, and the Creative Name can fill in the name of the product, or you You can remember the name, so you can watch it yourself.

Then you will get a link to that product.

When the computer opens the full screen, you can see the name of your individual product on the right, and click to get the link.

If you think the link is too long, you can go to Google to query link shortener to shorten the link.

Next, go to your email to confirm, you have successfully registered!

3 things to do after successful registration

These 3 things need to be done before you start to promote.

First: Complete personal data

After completing the previous steps, the first thing after a successful application is to complete your profile.

Second: Bank account information

After registration, before you start the promotion, remember to fill in your bank account information, then you will receive the commission after earning income.

Go to ACCOUNT SETTING> Bank Account to complete your bank account information.

Then confirm that your bank account information is stored and correct.

After filling in, press Update.

Third: URL approval

Go to ACCCOUNT SEETINGS> Sites to check whether the URL for the affiliate program has been approved.

If approved, you can start promoting!

ACCESSTRADE free resources

First: TOOLS: Put multiple connections into one link

Friends who use Instagram know that Instagram puts a link, and only one link can be clicked directly.

But what if you have a lot of links to put on Instagram? At this time, you can use “inPage” in ACCESSTRADE.

Its function is the same as linktree , putting multiple links into one link.

Click TOOLS> on the left.

Fill in your link and the name you want to display in “Links”.

Get your inPage link in “Customise”, fill in the displayed title and select the displayed style.

Second: ACCESSTRADE Academy

After logging in, there is ACADEMY on the left. After clicking, there are some courses inside. You can watch them according to your preferences and areas you want to improve.

The content includes, but is not limited to: Digital Marketing, making your own website, 20 free social media marketing tools, SEO, email marketing

All content is in English.

Third: Content Sharing (Lectures)

ACCESSTRADE has shared content online to allow promoters to better understand current trends, SEO, how to make businesses generate income during the epidemic through affiliate marketing, methods, and so on.

You can join ACCESSTRADE Malaysia Facebook group to see: ACCESSTRADE Malaysia Community

Frequently Asked Questions FQA

What is the role of the affiliate marketing platform?

When you want to become a promoter, you have to apply for the affiliate marketing plan in several ways:
1. Apply on the affiliate marketing platform
2. Apply directly to the company
3. Negotiate the affiliate marketing plan with the merchant

The easiest way is to apply to become a promoter on the affiliate marketing platform, because the affiliate marketing platform has already communicated with the manufacturer, and the commission and other aspects have been negotiated.

Do I have to have my own website to apply?

Not necessarily. If you want to use Instagram, YouTube or YouTube, you can also.

Can anyone become a promoter?

Yes. Promoters do not need any background, education, location restrictions, etc.

 How to get commission?

After you get the exclusive link from ACCESSTRADE, someone purchases it through your link or gets commission after completing the specified action.

When you use a Malaysian bank account and the commission reaches the minimum amount of RM60, you can get the commission into the bank account.

Or overseas promoters arrive at the minimum amount of 150 USD.

What business does ACCESSTRADE have?

Common merchants such as: Shopee, Lazada, Addidas, Zalora, Lenovo, GrabFood, KFC, Watson, Foreo, Klok, etc. can apply for the affiliate program in ACCESSTRADE.

There are other merchants. After you apply, you can find the merchant you want in Campaigns> Available Campaigns.

Further reading: [ACCESSTRADE Malaysia Alliance Marketing Cooperation Merchants] Adidas, Watsons, Klook, Shopee, Lazada and other merchants can be found here!

Do I need to pay to join?

No need. There is no cost to become a promoter.

I know nothing, what should I do after joining?

Every Friday from 4pm to 4:45pm, ACCESSTRADE will have a training for novices. An email will be sent to your mailbox. You can register after confirming your registration. If you don’t attend, you can participate in the future, as long as you email them to say you want to participate.

Any questions can be asked in this training. The training is in English or Malay.

ACCESSTRADE also provides a lot of free resources to teach you affiliate marketing methods and so on. There are also many resources on the Internet, you can directly find the information you want.

You can also refer to a course I took to teach you how to build your own website from zero and start affiliate marketing.

Further reading: [AMP Alliance Marketing Master Class 2.0] Make money online and build passive income! Is the course right for you? The most authentic evaluation + experience sharing

in conclusion

Want to have a side job or earn some pocket money in your spare time/free time/after work?

Affiliate marketing is definitely a great choice.

You can make money while sharing the good things/things you think, so why not do it.

Sharing to relatives and friends is also possible, and sharing to your readers/viewers/fans is no problem.

The entire application process is free. It also allows you to be at home and make money in your spare time.Apply now!