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Review by Yi Xian

Have you heard of ACCESSTRADE?

In fact, many people are very unfamiliar with affiliate marketing (Affiliate Marketing) , so let alone ACCESSTRADE, the affiliate marketing platform.

Only when you have been in contact with affiliate marketing will you notice such a platform.

But I believe you who will be here, you should have some idea about affiliate marketing.

Maybe you are just curious about the reliability of the ACCESSTRADE platform? Can you really make money?

I’m still curious that I really earned RM4825.00. In fact, I was surprised myself. It has only been 2 months since I joined ACCESSTRADE. I really underestimated the earning power of affiliate marketing.

Then this article will take you to resolve these doubts

Before proceeding, what if you don’t know what affiliate marketing is?

I suggest you go back to the previous article and continue reading.

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ACCESSTRADE background

ACCESSTRADE has actually been around for 20 years and is the largest CPA (Cost per Action) alliance marketing platform in Japan and Southeast Asian countries.

ACCESSTRADE Malaysia was established in 2018, just two years after its establishment.

What is an affiliate marketing platform?

The alliance marketing platform is a medium/middleman between producers and promoters, gathering all producers and promoters (you) through the power of the platform.

The emergence of this platform is mainly to facilitate manufacturers and promoters to find suitable cooperation, and to establish a mechanism to protect the interests of these two parties.

Experience of using ACCESSTRADE

I didn’t know that Malaysia had an affiliate marketing platform at first, so I used the affiliate network in Taiwan , Channel King

But I couldn’t find a product suitable for my promotion.

Later, I also found Accesstrade on the Internet and opened the way to earn affiliate commissions.

At first, I also hesitated, can I really earn the first affiliate commission with affiliate marketing?

I feel anxious and self-doubt about me who have been in business for more than a year but haven’t seen any income yet.

Fortunately , everyone from the Alliance Marketing Master Class serves as a role model, knowing that everyone has come here too,

Just to help readers organize and share useful information, and then indirectly put their own affiliate links.

I didn’t think too much, do the same thing every week, write an article, and publish it as usual.

Finally, in October of this year, I saw the first alliance commission. I was very excited and touched. I really want to cry!

Therefore, it is really lucky for me to meet the ACCESSTRADE platform, otherwise there will be no affiliate commission.

And now it continues to bring me passive income, which makes me more confident and practical to practice what I want to do in the future.

It is also the original intention of my creation of this blog, to open the way for everyone to manage money, and then achieve wealth freedom.

I hope this approach inspires you to try it out to do affiliate marketing and open up another source of income.

The following two-month league results are disclosed:


ACCESSTRADE advantages and disadvantages


High affiliate commission dividend

I actually have an account on another affiliate platform (Involve Asia). Although this affiliate platform is not bad, the affiliate commission for the same promoted products is relatively small.

So I chose Accesstrade.

Malaysia’s leading alliance platform

Affiliate marketing is not so well-known, so naturally there are fewer competitors. This is not only referring to the alliance platform, but also to you who want to start promoting products.

I believe that ACCESSTRADE started in Malaysia first, and when the alliance marketing circle rises, it will also be Malaysia’s handy alliance platform.

Can cooperate with many manufacturers at once

In fact, each manufacturer’s official website, if there is an affiliate marketing plan, will have its own affiliate marketing plan. Just look at the relevant keywords at the footer at the bottom of the official website. Such as: Affiliate Program, Affiliate Marketing, Become Affiliate, Partner

But for a newbie who is new to affiliate marketing, how can he know which manufacturer has an affiliate program?

At this time, you should register an account on the alliance platform, and then directly search for suitable products on the platform. This will really save a lot of time, and you can make yourself act immediately, so you don’t keep delaying and then give up.

Multi-category & field products

You can find products that belong to your own field at one time, because everyone runs a different brand theme, so not all products are suitable for promotion.

Fortunately, there are many different types of products to choose from in ACCESSTRADE, and they are already classified for easy searching.

For example: beauty, clothing, financial management, insurance, travel, e-commerce, books, internet, etc.

No risk

Previously, there was no need to give any fees or deposits, because the form of affiliate marketing was the concept of “I will pay you when you successfully promote it”.

So the threshold is extremely low, and almost everyone can start business.

Easy to operate

The operation is very simple, as long as you see the product you want to promote, apply, and then you can start the promotion after getting the link!

The platform is just a place to choose products and get exclusive links.


Fewer cooperative products

Compared to Involve Asia, there are indeed fewer products.

But more does not mean it is good, because there are many products that are not suitable for promotion, and more time is needed to screen.

It is recommended that both companies apply, and then compare the products that the two have and do not have.

Affiliate Marketing PlatformJoin the alliance platform link
Access TradeClick apply to become an affiliate marketer
InvolveClick apply to become an affiliate marketer

How to start using ACCESSTRADE?

Before applying, you need to have your own website to become a promoter.

If you already have a website, just click on the link and apply for it.

Then it takes a few days to review the website.

After success, you can start to promote it!

Limited time event

ACCESSTRADE has its own alliance activities, that is, people you invite to join,

As long as they successfully get a Click, they will get RM5

Click means as long as anyone clicks on your affiliate link once.

Conversion: The merchant successfully obtained a single business

So remember to join, you can start sharing with friends around!

Below is the commission distribution for this activity,

Referral Programme Commissions

The first three are a one-time commission,

The fourth is that as long as the inviter has a commission of more than RM150 that month, you will get 20% of the total commission.

To sum up

As long as you are new to affiliate marketing, I highly recommend you to apply for ACCESSTRADE, the affiliate marketing platform. Although the reason has been mentioned above, I still have to appeal again: just start doing it! Remember to apply now!

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