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Best Instagram Filter Apps That Will Make Your Feed Lit!

We all love Instagram and we want our Instagram to be as lit as possible. Instagram is the perfect place to portray your personalities, set up your small online business, earn more income via affiliate marketing, or to just update family members and close friends with what’s happening in your life. 

Whatever the reasons may be, Instagram’s language is the photo and hence, you need to make sure your photos are top-notch. Having said that, you do not have to spend so much time editing your photos like a professional photographer. All you need is the Instagram filter. Filters are great to beautify your pictures right before uploading them to your Instagram. 

As long as you have a good eye for details and use a smartphone to snap pictures, we truly dare say that the right Instagram filter will be enough to make your pictures outstanding. Especially, if you are an affiliate marketer promoting products from top brands such as Zalora, Shopee, and Lazada, you need good photos that will connect you with your audience. 

Here are the best Instagram filter apps that will make your Instagram feed look and feel great! 

VSCO Filters

Source: VSCO/ttetuu

Undeniably, VSCO filters are great to enhance and to add a certain vibe to your photos. VSCO filters are subtle yet magical and give the desired effect to your photos with just a few taps. That is why even seasoned and professional photographers prefer to use VSCO if they need to edit their photos using the phone and urgently.

One of the remarkable features of VSCO filters is the fact that you can apply the filters and adjust the intensity according to your preference. There are subtle colour and black and white filters of great quality. Many of the filters are free, but if you want to explore more, you are required to pay subscription fees. 

Fotor’s Vintage Instagram Filter

Source: Fotor

Vintage has been making a steady comeback for some time now and Instagrammers, as well as influencers, are using the vintage filter to create an old-school vibe to their photographs. The trick is to make it look as authentic as a real vintage photo. While many vintage filters out there lack the finesse of a real vintage photograph, Fotor’s vintage filters fade out darker areas and exude a vintage yellow tone that will make your photo as authentically vintage as it can be. 

Fotor’s Oil Painting Filters

Source: Fotor

Apart from the vintage filters, Fotor’s oil painting filters are also worth mentioning. The oil painting filter gives a wonderful artistic touch to photos and if you are someone who is very particular about the look and feel of your feed and Instagram grids, using this oil painting filter can make your feed lit! 

Filterloop Filters

Source: Filterloop FB

Using Filterloop you can layer multiple effects and come up with a very personalised effect that can become a trademark for all your pictures. Filterloop filters are slightly focused on the vintage effects, so if you are happy with vintage effects you will have a great time finding the best effect for your photos using the multiple effects in Filterloop. 

Pomelo Filters

Source: Pomelo IG

Pomelo filters are great for those who are looking for a wide variety of options. Especially, if you have no intention to curate a uniform feed that exudes the same vibe throughout and want to make it vibrant, colourful and lively as much as possible, Pomelo will help you to achieve your Instagram feed goals. You will be spoilt for choice since the filter available in Pomelo covers subtle and natural effects as well as wild and artistic ones.

Overlay Instagram Filter

Source: Overlay

Overlay is a filter for Android users who want to make a statement using their images. If you want some grand filters but you also want to create collages and turn your photo into a piece of art, Overlay is the best choice! 

A Color Story Filters 

Source: A Color Story/eastolivia 

Another source for vibrant filters is A Color Story app. This app contains more than 100 filters and is adjustable according to your preference. Generally, the filters will make the colours in your photo pop out and the whites to appear brighter. So, if you want your Instagram feed to feel fresh, modern and lively, A Color Story is what you need!

Afterlight 2 Filters

Source: Afterlight

This filter app is highly suitable for your mobile photos as it was developed by passionate mobile photographers and hence caters well to the need of mobile photography. You will be able to use free filters created by well-known photographers or you can even create your own filter using the editing tools. The filters in Afterlight 2 are subtle and would not overpower your photos. 

More Instagram Filter From Enlight

Source: iPhone Photography School

Enlight filters are dramatic, film-inspired and artistic. The Analog filters are the ones that add a film-inspired look to your photos. Apart from these filters, Enlight’s classic black and white and vintage sepia filters are also known to be popular among its users. If you are not familiar with the technicalities of adjusting filters, Enlight will make it easy for you. You can simply adjust the strength of filters and settings by swiping left or right. 

Mextures Filters 

Source: Mextures

Mextures is known for its collections of textures, film grains, light leaks, and colourful gradients. Instagrammers who are keen to bring a whole new level of mood and artistic vibe to the feed will find Mextures amazing! Some other features in Mextures are the 26 filter presets created based on popular film and post-processing techniques. 

Make use of latest Instagram filter to upgrade your feed

There are lots of ways you can use your creativity to boost your Instagram presence for your business, affiliate marketing and artistic expressions. Just a tap and your photos and feed can be transformed using these filters. So, why are you waiting? Explore the word of filters, make your Instagram feed better and start seeing results in no time! 

Better photos will result in better engagement with your audience. If you are promoting a product, engaging with the audience is the crucial key to brand awareness and to convert leads into sales!