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New Year Special: Affordable Home Decor From Lazada

2020 has been hard. A life-threatening virus that spread globally, lockdowns, wearing masks, maintaining social distancing, working from home, cancelled events, ruined parties, spiralling mental health, wobbling job security, an uncertain economy and mounting worry for friends and family. It has been challenging and now with the promise of a vaccine, it looks like hope is around the corner. 

It is just one more week to 2021 and you should be welcoming it with new-found hope and happiness. This is the perfect time to be joyous and make your home merrier. Embrace this holiday season, upgrade your home with quality decor, and make some plans with close family and friends. 

While we are not on the safe side yet, it wouldn’t be wrong to create a positive environment after almost a year of misery and hopelessness. The easiest way to bring some warmth to life is by bringing some warmth to your home. 

Here are affordable home decor ideas from Lazada for this New Year! We have curated some thoughtful ideas which can lit up your home and make your loved ones feel happy and festive! 

New Year Home Decor 1: Door Number For Your House

Source: Lazada

Well, it is the New Year and what better way to kickstart a new beginning than giving a makeover to the facade of your home. Throw away boring and traditional house number boards that you have been using for years. Give a modern makeover to your facade by first changing it to this big modern floating house number. 

The numbers and signs are black in colour, made of zinc alloy and each number comes with one mounting screws bag and one installation instructions. These numbers are easy to read, made of zinc alloy and hence, they are anti-rust and last for a long time. You can choose to mount the numbers and signs on a wooden plaque, cement wall and brick wall. 


New Year Home Decor 2: Vine Leaf Wallpaper For Your Wall

Source: Lazada

Done with the exterior of the house, let’s move into the house! First things that tend to get noticed is the bare walls. Instead of trying to fill the emptiness with photos and typical pictures, why not try something fresh and charming? Apart from pleasing the eyes, these vine leaf background wallpaper will also add a lightness to the space and make you feel happy! 

Often, cluttering the wall with photo frames and mounted decorative items can leave a place looking and feeling suffocated. Especially, if you are living in a small and cramped apartment, these leaves will add a touch of greenery and breath life to your space. This wallpaper will be a perfect choice for the reading room as well as living room. 


New Year Home Decor 3: Multi-Level Plant Rack

Source: Lazada

Ever since the lockdown and movement restriction order in Malaysia, Malaysians have started to include plants in their house decor. Apart from making your home look and feel so much nicer, house plants play a crucial role in maintaining indoor air quality. These plants make sure you breath in fresh air and keep your body healthy. 

Invest in multilevel plant rack to reap the benefits of having plants indoor as well as to bring your home decor to a whole new level this New Year. This could also help you to spend time gardening instead of scrolling down your social media feed all the time! 

The rack is made of iron and designed based on a grid layout resulting in uniform load bearing. It will not deform easily and you can bring it into your home without any worries of safety. The round feet will also prevent any scratches to the ground of your living room or balcony. 


New Year Home Decor 4: Twinkling Star Lights For Your Cheerful Home 

Source: Lazada

Lights, lights, and lights! The best way to bring in the New Year is by lighting up your home, in and out! This is the easiest way to enhance the mood during celebrations. Most Malaysian festivals focus on lights and you can see houses twinkling and shining bright during festivities! 

This New Year, you should make sure your house looks and feels festive with the twinkling star lights. The light is 3.7 metres long and comes with eight modes that you can choose according to your moods. 

Use this light to lighten up your bookcase, or the arch between your living room and kitchen. You can also create a romantic mood for a date night in your house by using this light around your dining table and bedroom. 

Apart from that, if you have kids, you can have a sleepover night or a pyjama party. The twinkling stars will definitely make your kids happy! 


New Year Home Decor 5: Rainbow Fluffy Carpet For Your Floor

Source: Lazada

Now, who doesn’t like carpets! Carpets and rugs add warmth to any space. Feeling the softness and fluffiness of a high-quality rug when you set your feet on it as you get down from the bed or the couch will leave you feeling pampered. 

In the living room, the rugs and carpets can also be used as a space to lie down and have fun! The rainbow fluffy carpet will add lots of colours to your home and give the ultimate comfort for you and your family. 

The carpet comes with an anti-skid bottom which means point plastic bottom non-slip, non-woven composite, breathable and will also protect the bottom from any damage. As for clean up, all you need to do is use a vacuum cleaner and for anything more serious, the neutral detergent will do the job just fine. 

Apart from these, the carpet is also dyed using an environmentally-friendly dye which would not fade easily. Notably, it is suitable for tiles, wooden and laminated floors. 


HAPPY NEW YEAR! Upgrade your New Year home decor with Lazada! 

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