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Avoid These Mistakes To Increase Your Affiliate Marketing Commissions In 2021

Affiliate marketing is fast catching up as a highly efficient marketing tool in the South Asian region. Since the last decade, affiliate marketing has helped hundreds of thousands of brands to promote their products and hundreds of thousands of affiliate marketers to generate passive income. 

According to Statista, the spending on affiliate marketing in the United States of America is expected to rise to $8.2 billion in 2022. According to Google Trends, people have been searching “affiliate marketing” more and more each year. From 2015 to 2020, the search interest has increased by 200%. 

The sentiments regarding affiliate marketing reflect accordingly in the South Asian region. Especially since the boom of social media platforms, affiliate marketing has found new vigor in Malaysia. Influencers like Neyra, Nur Afifah, and Moka are performing remarkably well as affiliate marketers and earning commissions by leaps and bounds. 

Undeniably, the competition is also increasing and you have to stand out to generate more commissions while promoting brands and their products through affiliate platforms like ACCESSTRADE Malaysia. 

Most importantly, avoid making these mistakes to connect to your audience and consequently, increase your affiliate marketing commissions. 

Affiliate Marketing Mistake 1:  Never promote a product that your audience cannot relate to

This is a common mistake if you are too focused on incurring income instead of catering to the needs of your audience. Your audience is your biggest asset. Keeping them happy and providing them with what they need will keep your audience loyal. As a result, you will be able to continuously incur commissions in the long run. 

Aim to find problems your audience is facing and then promote products that will help them solve the problem. Apart from being relatable to your audience, you should also focus on your niche. Your followers are following you for a reason. For instance, if you are a makeup influencer, your followers would want to know more about makeup products. If you start promoting baby products, your followers may feel out of place and you will start losing your biggest asset. 

Hence, stay focused on your niche and always aim to cater to the needs of your audience.

Affiliate Marketing Mistake 2: Being ambiguous about the product you are promoting

As an influencer who is being trusted by many people of various ages and backgrounds, you have the duty and responsibility of being 100% honest with your followers when you promote a product. Be as transparent as possible with what a product can and cannot do, the disclaimers, the side effects, and the warnings. 

Always be cautious that you are not recommending a specific product that is only suitable for some people with certain conditions to the general public, especially if it can harm the body or health. 

Even if the situation is not highly favourable for you, opt to be honest about it and you will be surprised at how much your audience starts valuing you for your honesty. Building a trustable community is a great way forward for an influencer and affiliate marketer. 

Hence, always be honest and transparent when you promote a product or a brand. 

Affiliate Marketing Mistake 3: Poor quality content and website

The audience are smart people. They want to learn more and know more about the products you are promoting. Instead of providing them with bare minimum information, aim to inform them wholesomely. 

With a website and regular content update, you can interact with your audience in a real manner instead of just shoving product after product in all your posts. Providing them with the right information at the right time will create a bond of trust as they will start relying on you as a trustworthy source of information. 

With a website and regular high-quality content updates, you would be able to reach your audience better than ever. 

Hence, start working on a website and start producing high-quality content. You can build a website from scratch using these lessons from Accesstrade Academy right away! 

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