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Achieve Your New Year Resolution With These 6 Affordable Items From Lazada

Happy New Year! Have you list down all your New Year resolution and goals for 2021? This New Year is more special than usual since all of us went through challenging times last year. It looks like hope and the life as we know it are just around the corner. So, it is up to you to prepare yourself  and be ready for the good times! 

Although the government has announced MCO 2.0 and we are back to square one but worry not! We have done this before and we can do this once again! All we have to do is set goals and work relentlessly towards these goals! 

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Usually, New Year resolution revolves around being healthier, getting fitter, cutting down on bad habits, nurturing good habits, forging meaningful relationships, and having more fun! Do you know that you can do all these within your budget? You do not have to fork out large amount of money to fulfill your New Year resolution. 

We have curated 6 things you need to work smarter, be fitter, eat better, be healthier, and have more fun in 2021. Let’s fulfill your New Year resolution with these 6 affordable and amazing things from Lazada! 

Be Fitter – Anti-Slip Natural Suede Yoga Mat 

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For those who want to ease into a fitness journey, the best way is to start easing the body into controlled movements. Yoga will help your body to move with ease and your mind to relax. This anti-slip natural suede yoga mat will kickstart your fitness journey! 

The mat is made of natural suede leather whereby it can absorb sweat. Moreover, its double layer structure and non-slip textured surface provide strong grip and comfort. With higher density than usual, latex-free, high strength, tear-resistant, and moisture- proof, the yoga mat is highly durable and practical. You can practise yoga on wooden floors, tile floors and cement floors! 

Another advantage of this yoga mat is that it is travel-friendly. All you have to do is fold it and store it in the carry bag. There is no more excuse to include your workout in your daily routine. Anywhere, anytime, you can roll out your yoga mat and start your practise! 


Be Fitter – Step Machine Stepping Cardio Equipment

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Now that you have eased into your fitness journey through yoga, the next step is to kick it up a notch through cardio exercises such as speed walking, running, cycling, swimming, and jumping. However, this might prove tricky during lockdown. 

A practical solution would be to bring your cardio indoors using a Step Machine Stepping Cardio equipment! You do not need a big space as you would with a bulky treadmill or stationary bike. The stepping machine takes a small space and once you are done with your cardio for the day, you can pack it and keep it away without causing any disruption to your daily activity. You can even bring it to your office once the lockdown is lifted and fit in a short cardio session during your lunch hour! 

The step machine targets your arm, waist, abdomen, and leg. Targeting various parts of your body in just one workout will help you save time while hitting your workout quota. Sweat it out consistently with the step machine and you would start seeing results sooner than later! 


Eat Better – NH Nutri Grains Plus With Beetroot

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Eating healthy is not an easy task. Our body requires a whole load of nutrients and most of the time we fail to eat according to the health guideline. Living in a fast-paced environment and buried deep into work every waking hour of the day, the younger and older generations lack the time to cook and feed the body according to its needs. 

Hence, you should supplement your body to ensure it gets all the nutrients it needs to function properly. A healthy body is the prerequisite of a healthy mind. Without healthy body and healthy mind, it would be difficult to be productive at work and in personal life. 

The NH Nutri Grains Plus with beetroot comes with 20 nutrient-rich grains that are enriched with Vitamin B12. It helps to optimise digestion, provides energy and helps to burn fat. All you have to do is mix 2 scoops of powder into a glass of hot or cold water, stir and drink it up! 


Be Healthier – Redoxon Orange Vitamin C + Zinc Effervescent

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There is no need to stress the importance of Vitamin C to enhance immunity. A boosted immunity will guard your body and make you healthier. A fit and healthy body that does not fall sick often is an asset that will enable you to work optimally and enjoy life to the maximum. 

Without a boosted immunity, your body will not be protected and you may end up falling sick frequently. As a result, you will not be able to focus on your work and need time to rest and recover. This may disrupt your work and personal life. 

Redoxon double action Vitamin C + Zinc effervescent is designed to maintain your immune system. Zinc is required for a normal cellular immune function and Vitamic C will speed up recovery against colds. 

Especially now that there is a life-threatening virus around us, you should always keep your body at its best! 


Work Smarter – Nordic Desk Laptop Table

Source: Lazada

Working is a big part of our lives. Last year, collectively we shifted to work from home due to the pandemic. This year we are doing it once again. Hence, it is important to have a proper work area at home. For those who have a big family at home, it may not be conducive to work on the couch or dining table. 

Working on your bed can also cause discomfort after some time. Set up a simple yet functional work space at your home. A simple, efficient, and affordable work space will increase your productivity and make working at home a pleasure. 

This Nordic Desk Laptop Table is the perfect solution for a small space. It is light and stable which means you can move your work space according to your mood and need every day. With an ergonomic arch design, solid wood support, wide space, eco-friendly MDF, and being easy to assemble, the laptop table is a practical solution to your work from home problems. 


Have Fun – Mahogany Wood Ukelele 

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What’s life without some fun! The best way to bring some light and fun during the pandemic lockdown is by having something fun to do. Why not learn a new skill? Ukulele is a simple and cute instrument which is easy to learn. 

With crystal-clear sound, lightweight, and made using durable material, this ukulele can be your perfect companion. The next time you meet your friends and family, you will have a new skill to show off! 

Start learning ukulele and post it on your Instagram feed to get some motivation and cheer from your online friends. 


Happy New year 2021! Fulfill all your New Year Resolution with these affordable Lazada items!