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Here’s How Yi Xian Plans To Make Affiliate Marketing As His Main Income Source

Yi Xian is a 25-year-old account assistant who focuses on financial affiliate marketing. He started his journey in the world of affiliate marketing to earn side income since he wanted to diversify his source of income. 

Active through his blog and Facebook page, Yi Xian faced some struggles when he first started. He failed to make any conversions in the first two months. However, Yi Xian was determined to turn things around and he did just that! Fast forward a few months, he is now getting 2,000 clicks, 14k impressions on Google every month, and he is earning a whopping RM1,000 on average every month! 

As an introvert, affiliate marketing has greatly helped Yi Xian to achieve his goal of having more than one stream of income. Now, he wants to make affiliate marketing his main income source. Let’s see what Yi Xian is doing right and how he plans to achieve his next big goal! 

Yi Xian’s early days in affiliate marketing 

Why did you start affiliate marketing?

To earn side income other than my main income because the main income stream from one job is not as stable as it is.

Can you share a little bit about how you got started and when did you start? 

Actually, I came across affiliate marketing about a year ago. It was in an interview of a YouTuber introducing a friend who was very successful in affiliate marketing. This caught my attention and within just one year I tried to search for free resources to learn more about affiliate marketing. Unfortunately, many things were not detailed enough and I didn’t start anything. However, I continued to blog every week.   

After one year, I came across a course on Instagram and I signed up for the course in late June. And I started to promote in Sept 2020.

What was interesting about affiliate marketing? 

Firstly, through affiliate marketing, an introvert like me can sell a product. It is unimaginable for me to promote products face to face. But, it was not difficult to promote through affiliate marketing since it is done online. 

Secondly, it can be a source of passive income. Actually only one of my posts is generating income for me continuously, and I only needed to write the post once.

Were you worried that affiliate marketing might be a scam?

Yes, especially when I first had a look at the landing page of the course I enrolled in. The poor design at the time worried me. 

Yi Xian’s life as an affiliate marketer

We have a big group of successful affiliate marketers such as Neyra who made use of her passion to start earning money as an affiliate marketer, MoKa who is generating steady side income through affiliate marketing, and Nur Afifah who has earned a remarkable amount of side income as an affiliate marketer. Yi Xian has now joined our top publishers through his hard work and willingness to venture into new opportunities. 

How has your life changed since starting affiliate marketing?

Now I know that even a normal person like me can make money online. It really starts to build up confidence and is helping me to plan my way to start an online business.

What does your regular day look like?

I always wake up early at 5.30 am. Then, I start learning or writing in the morning for 1 hour. Before I go to work, I meditate for 15 minutes. My work starts at 8 am and ends at 5 pm. After work, I relax and make plans for the next day. I usually go to bed at 9 pm. 

Did you manage to influence your friends or family to join affiliate marketing?

Yes, after seeing my results, my friends started asking me about my secret of earning more money. 

How is affiliate marketing helping you in terms of career and finances?

It is helping me greatly in both my career and finances. Financially, it is generating extra income for me continuously and this helps me to achieve my goals. It is because of affiliate marketing that I have started to take a different path in my career and be more serious about an online business.

Do you see yourself doing affiliate marketing in the long run or is it a short stint?

Long run. 

What is the secret behind Yi Xian’s success in affiliate marketing?

As ACCESSTRADE Malaysia’s top publisher, Yi Xian has some proven tips and tricks up his sleeves as an affiliate marketer.

How do you create content to promote the products?

I only promote products that are really useful for my audiences. Then, I will start to think about what kinds of keywords they will use to search for this product. I use Google Ads to search for the keywords impression and competitiveness. Then, I use the selected keyword to search in Google and analyse the top 10 blog posts. Finally, I start writing.

What were the challenges you faced when you first joined?

I didn’t get any conversions during the first two months. The 1st conversion really means so much.

What are the new challenges you are facing now?

Currently, the challenge is to make affiliate marketing my main source of income.

What are your tips to remain relevant and active on the social media platform?

Be consistent, bring value, and be patient.

What do you think is the key to be a successful affiliate marketer?

Be real and continuously bring value to your audiences. 

Yi Xian’s experience with ACCESSTRADE Malaysia

Learn all about Yi Xian’s thoughts about ACCESSTRADE Malaysia here

How have you benefited by joining ACCESSTRADE MY?

I found the suitable products to promote and started earning my first affiliate income with ACCESSTRADE Malaysia. 

What advice would you give to those people who want to take a leap of faith but are reluctant about trying something new like affiliate marketing? 

Like I always say in my blog,


If you want to change your current lifestyle, you need to start doing something. It is your choice, and I know that when you start changing, you will become successful and happy. 

Here’s Yi Xian’s blog, if you are curious to see how well he is doing as ACCESSTRADE Malaysia’s affiliate marketer…


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