Best 3 Credit Cards To Save Money During MCO 2.0
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Best 3 Credit Cards To Save Money During MCO 2.0

The country except for Sarawak is under lockdown once again and we are back to square one. Most Malaysians are currently working from home and movements are restricted. However, we have done this once and now we know better. (Pssssttt: Credit cards are great to save some money! Let’s find out how!)

Undeniably, these are tough times with job insecurity and we need to save money more aggressively than ever before. You might not be going out, but you still need to spend on groceries, food, and essential items. 

The best way to save every time you spend is by using a credit card. If you have the right credit cards in your hands, you can benefit from the various rewards and promos as a credit cards user. Some credit cards give you cashback, reward points, discounts, and seasonal deals. 

The key is to choose the best one that suits your lifestyle and needs. For instance, if you are going to stay at home for the coming two weeks, a petrol credit card will benefit less than an online shopping credit card. 

Keep in mind that your spending should always be within your budget limit and always pay off your credit card balance at the of every month to prevent high interest. 

Here are the best 3 credit cards that will help you to save money when you spend during MCO 2.0

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Standard Chartered JustOne Platinum MasterCard

If you are always shopping online, the Standard Chartered JustOne Platinum MasterCard will greatly benefit you. For online purchases, you will receive 15% cashback when you spend from RM2,500 and above monthly. For petrol and auto-bill payments such as recurring bill payments from insurance, telco, and utilities, you will get 15% cashback when you spend from RM2,500 and above monthly. 

If you spend from RM1,500 up to RM2,499 monthly, you will get 10% cashback for petrol, online purchases, and auto-bill payments. If you spend from RM1,000 up to RM1,499 monthly, the cashback rate is 5%. You will receive 0.2% if you spend up to RM999 monthly.   

Your local and international retail purchases charged to the credit card will be added and the cashback rate will be credited to your account. What’s more, you can add your family members to the supplementary cards and benefit from their purchases as well. 

Some of the features of the credit card include an easy payment plan known as Standard Chartered FlexiPay Plus. This lets you spread out your repayment over 12 months with low interest rates (9.88%). 

Other features include balance transfer with a 5.99% interest rate and cash advance or cash loan. 

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Maybank GRAB Mastercard Platinum

If you are a frequent Grab user, this Maybank GRAB Mastercard Platinum should be your go-to payment method! If you use Grab car to go places, if you check out using grab while online shopping, pay for your grocery using Grab wallet, order food through Grab Food, and deliver parcels using Grab Delivery, having this credit card will earn you more Grab Points and you will be able to use these points to cut cost for your next Grab usage. 

You will earn 5x Maybank Grab Points for every RM1 you spend in the Grab app. This includes reloading your Grab e-wallet. You will receive 2x Maybank Grab Points for every RM1 you spend for your international and online purchases. You will receive 1x Maybank Grab Point for every RM3 you spend on any other purchase locally. 

What’s more, when you sign up you will receive 1,000 Maybank Grab Points as a welcome gift, and 5x GrabRide. When you spend at least RM300 in the Grab app in the first 45 days after your card has been approved, you will get GrabFood vouchers worth RM5 each

An interesting fact about the Maybank GRAB Mastercard Platinum is that you do not have to pay the annual fee. The card is free for life! 

Additionally, you will also enjoy special discounts from merchants like Alpro Pharmacy, Harvey Norman, Hermo, KLOOK, SOCAR, and Zalora. 

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Lazada Citi Platinum

Lazada is a favourite e-commerce website among Malaysians since it is easy to get hold of whatever you need. Especially during MCO 2.0, you might not be able to go out looking for what you need. Lazada is the best place to shop and get your item delivered to your doorstep. 

With the Lazada Citi Platinum, you can enjoy 10x reward points when you shop in Lazada or top-up for your Lazada wallet using the Lazada Citi Platinum. Avid Lazada users may even be able to offset their purchases using the reward points accumulated over a period of time. 

Using the Lazada Citi Platinum card, you will earn 10 points for every RM1 you spend on Lazada and Lazada Wallet every month. You will also get 5 points on every RM1 you spend on online and lifestyle category items every month, and 1 point for every RM1 you spend on all other spends and petrol. Additionally, you will also earn 1000 points for every RM1,500 you spend as monthly Bonus Points. 

An interesting fact about the Lazada Citi Platinum card is that you do not have to pay the annual fee for three years. 

Since shopping and paying bills have to be done online now, using the Lazada Citi Platinum card will allow you to save some money by earning the reward points for every transaction you make. 

For instance, when you pay for your online entertainment bills such as Netflix, Spotify, Youtube,, Iflix, ClassPass, SteamGames, and PlayStation every month using the Lazada Citi Platinum credit card, you will earn 5x rewards points. Meanwhile, when you pay for online food delivery such as Food Panda, Grab Food, Kurin, Delivereat, and Dominos you will also get 5x rewards points. 

Moreover, you can also earn 5x rewards points when you pay for your phone bills and insurance online with Lazada Citi Platinum Card. 

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Use your credit cards wisely to reap the maximum benefits!