5 Ways To Drive More Conversions From Your Facebook Ads
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Use FB Ads To Get More Conversions Like These Top Brands

Facebook is an influential platform to promote products, reach your target audience, and convert leads to sales. Top brands, as well as small and medium businesses across the world, have started utilising FB ads to boost their sales. 

If you run a business, you would know that Facebook Ad is an integral part of your marketing and sales plan. If you are an avid Facebook user, you must have come across sponsored ads from brands and businesses promoting their products to capture your attention. 

Facebook can give you qualified leads due to its large number of users across the world. Its updated and top-notch in-depth targeting features is one of the main reasons why Facebook Ad is an undeniably effective marketing tool. 

While it can be reasonably easy to set up Facebook Ads and get it going, it is not so easy to make sure your ad keeps bringing you conversions over an extended period. The onus is on you. You need to have a winning strategy. Without an effective plan to get the most out of your spending on Facebook Ads, you might let potential leads pass you by. 

Well, we have come up with 5 effective ways to drive more conversions from your Facebook Ads. In short, here’s how you can get your money’s worth from Facebook Ads! 

Source: Freepik 

Know your Facebook ads goals clearly

You need to know the specific details of the product or service that you plan to market through Facebook ads. More importantly, you need to know the main purpose of advertising through Facebook and the numbers you target to achieve in a certain period. Different goals have different mechanisms and it is crucial that you do not get them mixed up. This may jeopardise the potential numbers. 

Set your FB ads objectives intentionally 

When you want to set up Facebook ads, Facebook will provide you with choices of objectives. Why do you want to run the ad? What do you intend to achieve through the ad? In general, there are three types of objectives you need to choose from. The first objective is awareness. This gets you attention from the target audience. For instance, if you have launched a new product and you want to spread the word, your objective should be awareness. 

The second objective is consideration which stirs the curiosity of people and makes them want to know more about your business. 

The third objective is conversion which engages people to use your product or service. 

Due to the vastly different nature of each of these objectives, you have to choose the most suitable one according to your campaign goals. 

Don’t forget to test-run your Facebook ads and allocate budget wisely

The rule of thumb is to always test run your ad. Test run will give you a rough picture of how it is going to be and hence, you will be able to fine-tune the strategies and your budget. Looking at the preview of your Facebook ads will give you the opportunity to optimise the impact of your ad. 

Know your Facebook ads target audience

Knowing your target audience and utilising the knowledge correctly will increase the impact of your Facebook ad. Choose and adjust the demographics carefully. You will be able to preview the potential reach of your ad in “Audience Definition”. Always keep in mind that the success of your ad depends on how much people interact with your campaign.

Use highly captivating visuals in your FB ads

Images and videos naturally capture the attention of more Facebook users. Use the canvas provided by Facebook to add an existing post or create a new one when you set up the Facebook ad. Most importantly, choose the ad placements based on your campaign’s objective. You can always refer to the recommendation from Facebook regarding the ad formats and placements to enhance the performance of your ad. 

Success stories of brands using FB ads 

Success Story 1: Brava Fabric

Source: Facebook

The Spanish apparel brand successfully made a 30% higher return on ad spend with dynamic ads, 13% lower cost per acquisition, and 1.4x return on ad spend. 

Some of the products they used are:

  • Pages to create a place for people to meet their business
  • Page publishing to share meaningful updates about their business
  • Dynamic ads to personalise the ads without any manual work
  • Carousel to show up to ten images or videos in a single ad
  • Slideshow for lightweight video ads without the time or expense
  • Custom audiences to reach their customers and contacts on Facebook
  • Lookalike audiences to find people who are similar to their customers and contacts
  • Facebook pixel to measure activity and conversions for the ads

According to the co-founders to Facebook

“Facebook has been the main growth engine for our brand. Conversion campaigns and lookalike audiences have helped us to expand the brand globally in a fast and profitable way”, said Ivan Monells co-founder of Brava Fabrics. 

“Dynamic ads and budget optimisation are tools that helped us grow our brand while on autopilot. We set them and can manage them easily to achieve an awesome return on ad spend over the years”, said Ramón Barbero co-founder of Brava Fabrics. 

Success Story 2: RHB Bank 

Source: Facebook

This Malaysian bank reached 5.3 million people, a 7-point lift in ad recall, and a 4-point lift in intent to become a customer through Facebook Ads. They successfully used Facebook video ads to generate brand awareness and communicate the refresh of their brand to Facebook users. 

RHB Bank created a Facebook video featuring a group of young Malaysians singing and dancing to celebrate Malaysia’s anniversary. In the first few seconds of the video, RHB incorporated its updated image and conveyed clear branding. 

RHB further used broad targeting and chose video view optimisation to connect with the target audience. 

According to RHB Banking Group Chief Marketing Officer Abdul Sani Abdul Murad to Facebook,

“The refreshed branding of RHB celebrates togetherness as well as the small and important things that bind communities together. As a digital brand that celebrates diversity, Facebook is the ideal platform for us to communicate and engage with all of Malaysia in one campaign.”