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Use Proper Affiliate Branding To Increase Your Affiliate Commissions

Affiliate marketing is fast becoming a preferred digital marketing strategy in Malaysia. One of the key factors that are leading to this transformation is its close connectivity to consumers. Affiliate marketers are effectively connecting top brands to consumers since affiliate marketers are trusted more than celebrities and brand ambassadors when it comes to promoting products to the public. 

However, the high competition in affiliate marketing has resulted in the need for affiliate marketers to stand apart from the others in order to earn high affiliate commissions every day. If you are an affiliate marketer and you are promoting products on a regular basis but unable to harness your targeted commissions, there might be a vital element that you are overlooking. 

Branding is a vital and integral part of your affiliate marketing strategy. More so, when you have to stand out and apart from the others. Do you have a strong branding as an affiliate marketer? How do you project yourself to your followers? Here’s how you can fortify your affiliate marketing branding right away. 

affiliate branding

Why do you need a strong affiliate branding as an affiliate marketer?

Big companies and businesses focus on their branding and always try to boost their brands through effective branding strategies. This is because strong branding is the key to stand apart from the crowd and competitors. 

According to Investopedia,

“A brand is more than a name—it is the sum total of a consumer’s experiences with a recognizable product—and it is powerful, often leading to a competitive advantage.” 

Changing Minds explains the brand effect as,

“If a customer sees the brand as signifying quality or exclusiveness, then they will expect to pay more than the market average, if they recognize the brand but have no strong view of it, they will expect to pay around the market average, if they do not know the brand at all, they will expect to pay below market average. If they perceive the brand as signifying poor quality or expect others to look down on them for buying the brand, they may not buy at all.”

Creating your personal brand as an affiliate marketer is important to carve out your niche, reach your target audience and build a trusting community with your followers. Your followers need to know you, what you stand for, trust you enough to keep following you and click on your affiliate links when you promote a product. A trustable personal brand will lead to more clicks and consequently, more commissions

Tips to boost your affiliate branding as an affiliate marketer

affiliate branding

Focus on your voice 

Why are you unique and why should your followers keep following and engaging with you? How different are you from the other affiliate marketers and influencers? How is your social media presence benefitting your followers? 

The best way to make sure your followers recognise your online presence is to develop your own voice and style. Be more creative and do not follow the template everyone else is following. Being authentic is highly valued by the online community and you can gain their trust if you are consistent with your voice and style. 

Do not push products mindlessly 

In building a brand and a trusting community with your followers, the most important thing is to avoid hard selling products. Too many promotional posts and product-centric social media account may drive your followers away. 

Create a discussion with your audience, share solutions to their problems and engage with them genuinely. Instead of pushing products their way, you should create a platform where they can find solutions. 

Be consistent with your message 

If you advocate a healthy lifestyle, be sure to talk about it. Share your experience and be consistent with your point of view regarding rising issues. If you believe in sustainable clothing, avoid promoting fast fashion. Instead, share your sustainable living with your followers. 

If you are consistent about what you share with your audience, you will be building a strong personal brand. The next time your audience want to know more about a healthy lifestyle or sustainable living, they will come to you before Googling about it. 

affiliate branding

Produce high-quality content 

Be it an article, video, or just a social media post to promote a product, it is important to put some thought into creating it. Producing content just for the sake of producing content may backfire if your audience can sense your lackadaisical attitude. 

Do your research and present your audience with high-quality and credible content. You will gain their respect and trust while boosting your personal branding with impeccable work standard. 

Start to work on your branding right away

A strong personal brand will lead to strong trust which will, in turn, result in a higher number of clicks and increase your affiliate marketing commissions.