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Cik Cira’s Story After Quitting Her Job & Started Promoting Skincare Products To Make Money Online

Cik Cira or Syahirah Afifah is a full-time social media influencer. She decided to quit her job in March 2020 to stay near her parents after the government announced the Movement Control Order (MCO) in March. She first found out about affiliate marketing through her acquaintance via email and decided to join as an affiliate to make money online with ACCESSTRADE Malaysia, one of the leading affiliate marketing platforms in the region. 

Having 145,000 followers on Instagram, she was excited to join ACCESSTRADE Malaysia as an affiliate. Many of her followers have already started asking for her suggestions and opinions about skincare products in the market. ACCESSTRADE Malaysia provided her with the right guidance and freedom to review and promote products since she will not be bind to promote any specific products for any paid reviews. 

In three short months, Cik Cira successfully earned around RM597.28 by merely sharing her tips with her followers. This helped her to take care of some financial needs and she was determined to pursue her journey to educate the public regarding skincare. 

By leveraging on her strengths and plus points, Cik Cira is now earning way more than she did when she started to make money online. Her Instagram account has grown to 149,000 followers. She is constantly helping her followers by educating them about the skincare industry and doing genuine reviews on skincare products in the market. 

Cik Cira’s early days as an affiliate marketer 

Why did you start affiliate marketing?

Because I wanted to monetise my efforts in educating the public about the skincare industry. The extra income helped to cover some of the expenses incurred for my skincare education project. 

Can you share a little bit about how you got started with affiliate marketing and when you started? 

I shared about skincare education on Instagram and started placing affiliate links where my followers can easily refer to my suggestions and product reviews. This way, they do not have to painstakingly do their own survey through online stores. 

What was interesting about affiliate marketing? 

I can earn extra income while helping people by sharing about the skincare industry. 

Were you worried that affiliate marketing might be a scam?


Cik Cira’s life as an affiliate marketer 

ACCESSTRADE Malaysia is well known for its community of successful publishers who make money online. For instance, Neyra, MoKa, Yi Xian and Nur Afifah who has earned a remarkable amount of side income since they started affiliate marketing. Cik Cira is another unique publisher who has her priority sorted. She wants to provide genuine product reviews while educating her followers about the skincare industry. 

How has your life changed since starting affiliate marketing?

With the extra income, I can now buy more skincare products to review and share with my followers. 

How does your regular day look like?

I now have a new responsibility to continue sharing my skincare knowledge with my followers. 

Did you manage to influence your friends or family to join affiliate marketing?

I always share my good experience with affiliate marketing with my friends and family. But, they are yet to join affiliate marketing. 

How is affiliate marketing helping you in terms of career and finances?

Affiliate marketing is helping me to cover my career expenses and save some money at the same time. 

Do you see yourself doing affiliate marketing in the long run or is it a short stint?

Long term. 

What is the secret behind Cik Cira’s success as an affiliate marketer who aims to make money online while adding value to her followers’ lives?

How do you create content to promote the products?

I promote the skincare products using Instagram story and I share skincare tips as well as suggestions of skincare products for my followers. 

What were the challenges you faced when you first joined affiliate marketing?

I got confused because there were many affiliate links to deal with. 

What are the new challenges you are facing now?

Now, I am facing the problem of stocks for the skincare products that I suggest online. I have to survey the availability of these products and the price at which they are sold in various shops. I also have to make sure of the originality and quality of the skincare products that I am suggesting. 

What are your tips to remain relevant and active on the social media platform?

We have to cater to the needs of our followers, answer their questions genuinely and help to make their lives easier instead of aiming to push and promote products all the time. 

What do you think is the key to be a successful affiliate marketer?

Always be active, consistent, and keep up-to-date with your followers.  

Cik Cira’s experience with ACCESSTRADE Malaysia

How have you benefited by joining ACCESSTRADE MY?

After joining ACCESSTRADE Malaysia, I gained more trust from my followers. Affiliate marketing with ACCESSTRADE Malaysia has also helped me to review and promote skincare products without being bind to any specific sellers or brands. I have the freedom to share my thoughts and genuine information regarding the skincare industry without being tied to paid reviews.  

What advice would you give to those people who want to take a leap of faith but is reluctant about trying something new like affiliate marketing? 

If you have the instinct to share about your life in social media, you should join affiliate marketing because then, you would not be freely marketing and promoting products for top brands. You would also earn some extra income and be excited to share more knowledge with your followers. 

Here’s Cik Cira’s amazing Instagram account, if you are curious to see how well she is doing as ACCESSTRADE Malaysia’s affiliate marketer to make money online


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