Influencer Marketing

The Rise Of Social Media Influencer Marketing In Malaysia

Big brands and small home-grown businesses alike are shifting their marketing strategy to be more personal and to touch base with their consumers directly. Influencer marketing is the ship businesses are jumping on to promote their products and services. 

Apparently, 75% of Estée Lauder’s marketing budget is channelled to digital marketing specifically social media influencers. A whopping 86% of women are relying on social media influencers for purchasing advice while 70% of teenage YouTube subscribers trust influencers more than celebrities. 

This shift from traditional forms of marketing such as newspaper ad placements and brand championing by celebrities to influencer marketing is paving the way towards a new source of income for people like you and me. 

What Is Influencer Marketing? 

Influencer marketing is a form of marketing done on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter to promote a product through endorsements and placements by people who are experts or people with remarkable social presence in the virtual world. 

Depending on the products or services, companies and businesses collaborate with influencers with specific target audiences through product endorsements. The key to social media marketing or influencer marketing is the community surrounding the influencer’s social media accounts. 

For instance, beauty companies collaborate with beauty bloggers to promote their latest beauty products. The beauty influencer records a video of her beauty routine using the new product and gets paid accordingly. 

Interestingly, the main reason why influencer marketing is seeing an upward trend is because of the trust followers have on the influencer and the level of personalisation involved in this form of marketing. 

As a result, influencer marketing has opened up a whole new stream of income for millennials and Gen Z. All you need is a social media account. 

How Can You Be An Influencer And Start A New Stream Of Income? 

One of the common myths surrounding influencer marketing is that one must have a massive following on Instagram or Facebook to earn money. On the contrary, all you need is a social media account, a bunch of creative ideas, and the determination to succeed! 

Agreed, mega influencers are often celebrities who are already famous due to their profession and have millions of followers. These influencers leverage their fame to promote products to their wide follower base. However, the rise of influencer marketing has resulted in the booming of micro influencers and nano influencers. 

A micro influencer has 1000-10,000 followers while a nano influencer has less than 1000 followers. However, they are experts in a special niche or highly influential in their community. Hence, they are highly sought after for niche products and marketing. 

Apart from social media accounts and a pinch of creativity, you will be better equipped to be an influencer and earn extra money if you have all the right skills and tools to attract a loyal follower base. 

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