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Sim Mui Hui Uses SEO & Google Ads To Earn Money Via Affiliate Marketing

Sim Mui Hui is 34 years old and she is currently unemployed. After losing her job in May 2020, she resorted to affiliate marketing for income, and ever since she has been improving and evolving as one of the publishers in ACCESSTRADE Malaysia.

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Sim Mui Hui is also one of the best examples that you do not need to have hundreds of thousands of followers to earn money online via affiliate marketing. With just 60 followers on her social media handles, Sim Mui Hui managed to earn RM300 when she joined ACCESSTRADE Malaysia. 

Focusing on SEO and Google Ads to get more clicks and conversions for her affiliate marketing campaigns instead of Instagram and Facebook posts, Mui Hui has a lot to share about her journey with ACCESSTRADE Malaysia and affiliate marketing since May 2020. 

Sim Mui Hui’s early days in affiliate marketing

What was interesting about affiliate marketing? 

The interesting part about affiliate marketing is that we can gain traffic from an anonymous source, get insights from big data, and learn to advertise across any demographics, as well as learn copywriting skills to promote the campaigns. 

Were you worried that it might be a scam? 

Once upon a time, I thought it was a scam, but after I started getting proven results I believe it’s a venture worth exploring. 

Sim Mui Hui’s life as an affiliate marketer

How does your regular day look like?

Every day I learn new things. I read emails from lots of gurus, I stay in front of my laptop, and carefully draft an ad, I will continuously monitor which ads work and which don’t. I truly believe that it is a process of sowing a seed and reaping a fruit. And, if the ad didn’t work, I will consider pausing the ad and try another way.

How do you create content to promote the products?

Actually, now I am not running my affiliate campaigns using the FB page. Instead, I create content by using SEO and optimise Google Ads to promote the products.

How is affiliate marketing helping you? Finance? Career?

So far, I have earned money via affiliate marketing especially after gaining rewards in the Publisher Rally Campaign organised by ACCESSTRADE Malaysia. My aim is to keep learning to get better results and earn more money. 

Do you see yourself doing affiliate marketing in the long run or is it a short stint?

I see myself doing this in the long run. I plan to continuously learn and improve my skills in order to get better results for all my affiliate campaigns. 

What is the secret behind Sim Mui Hui’s success in affiliate marketing

What are the challenges you faced when you first joined affiliate marketing?

When I first joined ACCESSTRADE Malaysia, I didn’t know how to get started and get conversions. But after trying out a few methods, I got the results by experimenting with which advertising platform is more effective. 

What are the new challenges you are facing now?

My new challenge now is to build a niche-based website with a CRM plugin. Also, I need to save money for advertising purposes.

What are your tips to remain relevant and active on the social media platform?

My tips are to always be creative especially when starting to build something from scratch. Learn a lot from different gurus through newsletters and free webinars. Always invest money and time to learn online business. 

What do you think is the key to be a successful affiliate marketer?

Continue learning and experimenting with different methodologies, never give up, and learn to invest money in order to get traffic. 

Sim Mui Hui’s experience with ACCESSTRADE Malaysia

How have you benefitted by joining ACCESSTRADE MY?

I got big data regarding my advertising campaigns through ACCESSTRADE’s tracking dashboard. This gave me an insight into which methodology is the best in terms of niche selection to gain commissions as well as conversions.

What advice would you give to those people who want to take a leap of faith but is reluctant about trying something new like affiliate marketing? 

Affiliate marketing has become more relevant to everyone under the current market which is affected by the pandemic. Affiliate marketing will soon be a major form of advertisement in our daily lives. 

ACCESSTRADE MY is an affiliate marketing platform where you can choose top brands and products to promote to your followers. An established affiliate marketing platform like ACCESSTRADE MY will connect you to several brands at a time. As a result, you will be able to generate income from many campaigns and benefit from having a streamlined platform.

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