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YouTube & Affiliate Marketing: Are You Doing It Right?

We all love YouTube. We all watch YouTube videos day in and day out. But, do you know that you can promote your affiliate links via a YouTube video and increase your chances of earning commissions by leaps and bounds. 

According to Google Internal Data Malaysia, there are 20million unique users of YouTube in Malaysia with 40million impressions per day. That makes YouTube the second largest social media in Malaysia. Interestingly, 90% of Internet users in Malaysia aged 18 and above watch YouTube videos. 

These data show that YouTube can become a revenue-generating platform for affiliate marketers. If you have never thought of using YouTube to promote your affiliate links, you should start right away! Meanwhile, if you have been dipping your toes into YouTube, here are some ideas for video creation! 

YouTube and affiliate marketing: How does it work?

Just like other social media platforms, you will be using the affiliate links of the products you are promoting to earn commissions. The only difference is instead of a Facebook post or Instagram post, you will be using the videos you create and upload onto YouTube. 

You can place the links within annotations, or beneath the video in the ‘Description’ area. Instead of writing long posts and captions, you will be creating videos and engaging with your target audience and followers through your videos. 

Essentially, it is as simple as other social media platform affiliate marketing. The added advantage is that you will be tapping into a new segment of the target audience and attract them using a new content strategy which is YouTube videos. 

Types of affiliate marketing videos for YouTube

Expectedly, the sky is the limit when it comes to the ideation of videos for YouTube. It highly depends on your creativity and researching abilities to put together a video with high-quality content that will be appealing to your target audience. 

In general, there are a few types of videos you can create until you get the hang of affiliate marketing on YouTube. 

  • Product review videos 

Product review videos are not uncommon. You may have done it on Instagram or Facebook. YouTube will give you space and time to come up with a longer and more through product review video. 

You can come up with a single product review or product comparison video. Through product comparison video, you can promote a few products in a single video. 

  • How-to videos 

How-to videos are great to capture the attention of your followers as these videos are informative. Make sure you choose a topic that will solve the problem being faced by your audience. This way you will have their attention and will be able to convince them to click on your affiliate link and purchase the product. 

  • Unboxing videos 

Unboxing videos are interesting especially if it comes with aesthetically-pleasing wrapping and products. Choose your products for unboxing video carefully to tap into the curious nature of your audience. 

Advantages of YouTube affiliate marketing

If you are still undecided about venturing into YouTube to promote your affiliate links and earn commissions, here are a few reasons why YouTube is a great income-generating source in the world of affiliate marketing in Malaysia.  

  1. You will be tapping into a huge audience via YouTube. 
  2. You will have lower competition compared to other social media platforms where affiliate marketing is saturated. 
  3. You have a great opportunity to build a loyal following which means you can still earn commissions with few followers who will be actively watching and responding to your videos. Your audience can simply ‘Subscribe’ to your channel and they will receive notifications about your videos even when you do not do any promotions or boosting. 
  4. Apparently, YouTube videos appear in 55% of keyword searches on Google. This means you can greatly benefit via SEO ranking in Google if you produce the right video. 

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