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Affiliate Marketing: Top Niche And Trends To Utilise During These New Norms In Malaysia And Singapore

On the 18th of March 2021, ACCESSTRADE Global organised AT Summit 2021 with the aim to bring together and appreciate key players in the affiliate marketing industry all over the world. 

Successfully held, the virtual global conference of performance marketers promoted healthy market growth to help them mutually share, learn about, and discover new insights. First held in 2017, the summit continues to grow as a global conference that brings together merchants, publishers, and agencies representing Japan and Southeast Asian countries.

In an insightful panel discussion titled “Top Niche And Trends To Utilise During These New Norms In Malaysia And Singapore”, moderator Hayato Nakata, CEO of ACCESSTRADE Malaysia and COO of ACCESSTRADE Singapore with two panelists: Hari Kishan, Regional Affiliate Director of Neo Media World, and Deridian Nurhalim, Content Marketing Executive for Singapore at iPrice Group talked in-depth about using the new norm to one’s advantage to succeed in the world of affiliate marketing in the current situation. 

Here are some of the issues highlighted and discussed during the panel discussion. 

How did the market and consumer behavior change in Malaysia and Singapore during these pandemic recovery times? 

According to Hari, the biggest shift is that brands and advertisers are realising affiliate marketing is a smart option in this time of economic uncertainty as it offers a range of benefits. Meanwhile, consumers have shifted to the virtual world. 

According to Deridian, there was an overall two percent increase in terms of installation in IOS and Android and shopping apps in South East Asia. Among many things that led the users to install the shopping applications is the lockdown and because everyone is staying home and couldn’t go out anywhere. People tried to install and try different shopping apps in Malaysia and Singapore. 

However, iPrice also noticed that there was an increasing rate of uninstallation in Malaysia and Singapore which were 21% and 27%, respectively. So, this signified that the Malaysia and Singapore consumers were more selective in terms of shopping apps by uninstalling apps that they don’t use as the pandemic continued because of limited storage and limited memory in smartphones. So, consumers just want to keep the most important apps on their smartphones. iPrice also discovered that Malaysia and Singapore saw the highest basket size in terms of online spending. Singaporeans spend around 62 dollars and Malaysians spend around 41 dollars in terms of the overall basket size. 

What is the current trend for consumer activity and purchasing and what’s going to happen this year as we continue to recover from the pandemic situation? 

According to Deridian, 

“According to our data on e-commerce, consumers not only spend on essential items or goods such as groceries or health care items. They have shifted to non-essential items such as fashion, electronics as well as outdoor sports items. For example, we discovered the top category people spent their money for in 2020 was fashion. The first one was fashion with 46 dollars. The second one was electronic with 41 dollars and the last one was outdoor sports. People were looking for different kinds of items online. Not only vitamin and hand sanitizer but they also looked for non-essential items. So, this trend might continue even more as we are recovering from global pandemic with the digital adoption as well as digital services. 

How did the demand from advertisers changed in the last few years and how was it different compared to pre-pandemic times?

According to Hari, the pandemic appeared to be a golden opportunity for the affiliate marketing industry. 

“To be honest, it’s a golden period for affiliate marketing and it could not be better. So, I would split the demand in two ways. First is the demand from the advertisers that have not done affiliate marketing before. So, advertisers or bigger brands actually come to us asking for affiliate marketing strategies to boost sales. We made them understand that it is very risk free. Secondly, advertisers who are already in the affiliate marketing industry. This was tricky because it depends between advertisers who have offline physical stores and those with fully online business platforms. On other hand, we also have advertisers mostly the super apps who were doing so well and for them its just more or less getting on the affiliate marketing trend. So, it was an awesome period with a lot of budget coming in and a lot of new advertisers venturing into affiliate marketing.”

What are the opportunities for affiliate, both the publisher or the network to scale up their business in the coming years as we recover from pandemic and we move towards post pandemic world? 

According to Deridian, 

“You have to implement whatever that you have and one of it is the digital PR and get organic traffic audience by creating relevant content to your audience and target consumers. By creating relevant content that not only resonate with your audience but at the same time connect back to your brand, you can fortify the presence of your brand in the future.”

Meanwhile, Hari highlighted the importance of promoting the right product at the right time to reap more benefits from affiliate marketing. 

“Brands are taking a very critical look at their product line.I would say the affiliates should also should take a very critical look at the product line up of the brands that they can promote. Look out for the promotion from advertisers, keep an eye on super brand days that happen on Lazada and Shopee, focus on the seasonality of the brands so that you can pick or can choose the right brands to promote at the right time.”

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