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Wan Nur Hazirah Is Now Able To Help Her Family Through Affiliate Marketing

Wan Nur Hazirah is a 28 years old freelancer who is actively promoting products and deals to her social media followers. Taking a personal approach in doing so, Wan Nur Hazirah also shares the links of products she had personally used and liked. 

Despite not having a large number of followers, Wan Nur Hazirah has started earning commissions every month since November 2020. She is a classic example that with the right affiliate marketing platform like ACCESSTRADE Malaysia and a close-knit social media community, one can earn side income through affiliate marketing. 

Let’s follow her journey as ACCESSTRADE Malaysia’s publisher…

Wan Nur Hazirah’s early days as an affiliate marketer 

Why did you start affiliate marketing?

I started it because I wanted to generate income from home so that I could help out my mum and my special needs sister.

Can you share a little bit about how you got started with affiliate marketing and when you started?

I noticed that influencers on YouTube keep leaving links in their description box and it made me curious as to why they share links from a similar website, usually Amazon. So after googling about it, I found out that it was called affiliate marketing where you could earn commissions from purchases made through your links.

Actually, I tried applying directly to an e-commerce platform that offers an affiliate program however my application got rejected and I was ineligible to join. Then, I started to look at other possible ways to get commissions from that particular platform and stumbled upon ACCESSTRADE Malaysia. I immediately applied.

What was interesting about affiliate marketing?

It was interesting to be able to earn money from the comfort of your home as well as while waiting for something anywhere and anytime. 

Were you worried that it might be a scam?

Nope, since affiliate marketing is quite famous and there are people earning through affiliate marketing. Moreover, I wasn’t paying anything so I didn’t have to worry about losing anything.

Wan Nur Hazirah’s life as an affiliate marketer with ACCESSTRADE Malaysia

How has your life changed since starting affiliate marketing?

I’m able to be at home more now without worrying so much since there is extra income from affiliate marketing.

What does your regular day look like?

Nowadays, I am always on my laptop or iPad catering to people’s needs to find a product for them or focusing on other projects that would allow me to generate more income from home. I am also able to help out at home and spend more time with my mum and sister. 

Did you manage to influence your friends or family to join affiliate marketing?

Yes and no. Some actually gave it a go but not fully into it yet at the moment. They are just testing the water.

How is affiliate marketing helping you in terms of finance and career?

It is definitely helping financially. As for my career, I hope I can excel as well soon Insha Allah.

Do you see yourself doing affiliate marketing in the long run or is it a short stint?

I could actually see myself doing this for quite a long time.

Wan Nur Hazirah’s tips and tricks to get high conversions in affiliate marketing

How do you create content to promote the products?

I’ve started to share my experiences buying certain things during certain times in writing as well as sharing the links about where to get the items in my videos.

What do you think is the key to be a successful affiliate marketer?

Keep on sharing about the products. It’ll be even greater if you could do some research to be more credible when sharing anything with your followers. 

What were the challenges you faced when you first joined affiliate marketing?

I guess I was embarrassed to promote products in the beginning, especially as it was among friends and family, it was like asking a favour from them to purchase things using my link. But, don’t think about it too much because there are going to be people who don’t mind helping you out since it’s not costing them anything and they’ll even get extra promotional vouchers that they could use from ACCESSTRADE.

What are the new challenges you are facing now?

Competition. I keep seeing people sharing their affiliate links now.

How have you benefited by joining ACCESSTRADE MY?

Besides the cash, I actually learnt about a lot of things because I needed to promote things to people. Other than that, some people that I gave my opinion regarding an item would check out my social media which is a huge benefit for someone who would like to do affiliate marketing for a long time.

If you are curious about affiliate marketing, here’s Wan Nur Hazirah’s advice for you

What advice would you give to people who want to take a leap of faith but are reluctant about trying something new like affiliate marketing?

Just give it a shot. It’s not like you’re going to lose anything if you try. If it’s not for you then, just move on. But you’ll never know if it’s something that can be a benefit for you unless you try it. So what are you waiting for? Register with ACCESSTRADE Malaysia and earn even more than what I could ever earn.

Here are Wan Nur Hazirah’s social media platforms, if you are curious to see how well she is doing as ACCESSTRADE Malaysia’s affiliate marketer…


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