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Make Your Home A Sanctuary With These Home Décor Products

Home is where the heart is. The welcoming, warm vibes are accentuated with decorative items. Home décor is usually subjective to people’s personalities, likes and dislikes. Some might prefer extravagant modelling while others choose simplicity. Either way, the home is a representation of the person or people living in it.

It usually starts with multiple visits to home décor departmental stores. When necessary, you can also get professional help from interior designers. Mind you, these can cost you a fair amount of money.

Fortunately, e-commerce platforms like Shopee and Lazada could be your go-to for affordable, fashionable and functionable home décor products that are worth your money. 

Discover some of the hot-selling home décor items from Shopee and Lazada to start planning your home makeover! 

Shangri-La Inspired Reed Diffuser

Source: Lazada

Don’t you miss the soothing, aromatic smell that reminds you of the vacations you enjoyed pre-pandemic? Bring the hotel vibes to your home with the Shangri-La inspired Pristine scent. 

With the 10% discount on its premium price, you get the best composition of the fragrance and essential oil scent. For Shangri-La inspired reed diffuser, you will get the scents of lavender, amber, Lilly of the valley, organic musk, and sandalwood. 

The higher percentage of fragrance oils in its composition results in a long-lasting scent perfuming your living space. 

This 180ml bottle of aromatherapy is suitable to be used in either your bedroom, workplace, bathroom, or living room. It creates a calming ambience. At the same time, its small size of 25cm in height and 7.5cm in diameter does not take much space. 

All you have to do is remove the plastic cap from the bottle and insert the reed. Within 12 hours, the scent will fumigate through your home.  


Everso Sofa Slipcover 

Source: Lazada

Does it bug you when the sofa in your living room constantly needs a thorough cleaning? Make your spring cleaning less time consuming with these easy slipcovers. 

The Everso sofa slipcover can accommodate 1 to 4 seats, and you can buy it based on your needs. Furthermore, it fits perfectly and is simple to clean. As a result, you can protect your sofas from stubborn stains while also being able to save your money by reusing them.

This stretchable slipcover has five locking stitches that keep the borders neat and tidy. The stretch band design prevents the covers from shifting away and keeps them in place for a better user experience. 

The multicolour slipcover is on a 43% discount on Lazada!


Carpet Velvet 3D

Source: Shopee

Carpets are a significant piece of home décor that may alter the mood of a room. They are typically viewed as the adaptable décor around any home, ranging from being plain to providing a splash of colour.

This fast-selling product from Shopee is inclusive of free shipping benefits. The anti-dust, soft velvet carpets that come in 3D designs are suitable for households with small children or those with dust allergies. 

Aside from that, this carpet is light in weight which makes it easier to move around if you plan to clean or reorganise your space. 

Entirely up to your creativity, these carpets are suitable to be placed in your living room, bedroom and even dining room. They are available in M, L, XL, XXL, and XXXL sizes to ensure the greatest fit for your room. Not to mention, there are countless colours and designs to choose from based on your personal preference and style. 

Since the edges are neatly stitched, you do not have to worry about the threads coming off from frequent use. Being easy to clean and dry upon spillages makes this product long-lasting. 


Modern Digital 3D White LED Clock

Source: Shopee

Bring a modern twist to your house with this LED time display. 

The time is displayed via a white light on this black digital clock. You have the option of selecting the time to either 12-hours or 24-hours system. This edgy clock, which is 21.5cm in length and 8.7cm in height, can be displayed on your desk, in your bedroom, or even in your living room.

There are alarm settings on this clock. All you have to do is hold down the MODE button for 3 seconds and set the time before pressing the AL button to set the alarm. If you still need more time to linger on your bed, simply snooze the alarm by pressing the MODE button. To silence the alert, just tap DOWN. Easy setup!

Apart from that, you get to set the night mode by just clicking the MODE button twice. During night mode, the brightness will be automatically reduced. This way, your eyes are not strained due to really bright digital display of the time in the dark.