Affiliate Marketing

Use Your Twitter To Generate More Affiliate Marketing Commission

Twitter, much like Facebook and Instagram, is also a highly popular social media platform with more than 353.1 million users and 206 million daily active users worldwide. It is, however, more controversial than the other platforms as it focuses on public conversation and exposure

With a 280-character limit, you can tweet away your thoughts feeding the hungry minds out there scrolling for a juicy story. Use it right, and it could be the right tool to promote your product for affiliate marketing.

Let’s Recap Affiliate Marketing

Simply put, affiliate marketing is when a company pays a commission to have its product and services promoted by social media savvy users. This, of course, means you need to strategize your efforts to drive potential customers to click on the link of the product you are promoting. 

Once you nail that bit, you will be rewarded with commissions and incentives. Modern affiliate marketers are capitalizing on Twitter’s controversial nature to bring the concept of affiliate marketing into a whole new dimension. Here’s how you can include Twitter in your marketing strategy to reach more target audience. 

How To Use Twitter And Earn More Commission In Affiliate Marketing

Choose Your Niche

Niche defines your identity, something your followers could relate to personally. It can be something you are passionate about or have a depth of knowledge and experience in such as:  

  • Electronic Gadgets
  • Video games
  • Shoes
  • Fashion 

These are some examples you could look into. The more you know about your product, the easier you can promote it to your followers and earn their trust and support. As someone with valuable insight, you will gain more credibility and your followers will not think twice to click your affiliate link. 

You could start by narrowing down to one niche and expanding into others as you gain more crowds around you.

Build The Right Followers

The basis of any marketing strategy is to have an engaged audience. For you to be able to promote a product on Twitter, you first need to gain more followers. Use your niche to reel in your target audience by spreading the word out.

Some of the ways to leave a good impression are by having an interesting Twitter bio, posting interesting pictures and videos, following the relevant people, actively participate in Twitter chats, and retweeting content from trustworthy profiles. 

Using bot software to populate your follower base with fake accounts and comments might be tempting. However, you would never get the clicks you need. So, focus on building a loyal and quality followers list rather than raking up the number but with no engagement from them. 

Even with a small following, you can promote the right product to the right audience and earn a high commission. 

Interact With Your followers

Now that you have your own follower base, what’s next? You need to keep them engaged in your profile. 

Avoid publishing a tweet then immediately signing off. Keep your account as lively as possible by replying to your customers or even retweet posts from other influencers. Constant engagement makes your presence conversational, and it could grow your loyal follower base.

Post contents regularly and try mixing things up a little. Instead of tweets focused only on your products, you can Tweet other relatable content, especially trending ones. 

You may find it a tad difficult with the 280-character limit but here’s where you get creative to get your message across to your target audience. 

Collaborate With Other Micro-Influencers

Collaborating with other influencers is a huge advantage in affiliate marketing. You do not have to do it all by yourself. They can help to promote your profile, expand your reach, and build trust, especially with your new audience.  

In a world filled with influencers, Twitter users might at first be wary of you. This is where you gain their trust by collaborating with other micro-influencers and leave a good impression on their group of followers. 

Appearing as a guest on their Twitter live stream or hosting a live stream on your profile and inviting other influencers can be a great way to kickstart a healthy relationship with the influencers and tapping into their audience. 

Hashtag To Save The Day

Social media and hashtags are like bread and butter. Always going hand in hand, it is almost impossible to see a post without hashtags. Hashtag increases the chances of your content reaching the right crowd, potentially boosting more traffic to your account and increasing the number of clicks on your affiliate links. 

Rather than randomly creating a hashtag, do your due diligence and find the ones that are already trending and relevant to the industry of the products or services you promote. 

However, bear in mind that cramming your posts with hashtags will backfire since too much of anything is bad. The key is to find a balance. Keep track of hashtags that work for you the best and keep using them. Have a list of go-to hashtags that you can use every time you post. 

Tap Into Twitter For More Reach And Consequently, High Affiliate Marketing Commission

Twitter comes with a new set of audience and the potential of earning more commission for your affiliate marketing activity. Why not explore and reap the benefits with each Tweet you post?