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5 Tips To Write Great Instagram Captions

“Do it for the gram” is a familiar phrase for avid social media users. Today, Instagram has greatly grown its popularity. Some may even say its reach is greater compared to other social media platforms. 

What initially started as a social media app has now become a source of income with the escalating number of online businesses in this platform. The massive influx of online traffic is used to market products and/or services to build brand awareness. 

However, this can only work if you manage to pull traffic to your account and highly depends on your content, industry, niche, captions, and more. In short, your Instagram strategy matters the most if you are using Instagram to market your products. 

On that note, let’s look at how to generate captivating captions for your Instagram audience. 

First, Find Out What Your Audience Wants  

Captions, if used correctly, plays a significant role in getting more engagement. But, it needs to hit the right tone with the right people. So, why not use other features on Instagram to first find out what your followers are interested in. 

Putting up a poll on you Instagram story could answer the question about your follower’s goals, struggles, bottle necks, interests, or even what they want. 

Based on the feedback you receive, you can gauge a specific gap that you might be able to fill in with your products and services. Create content and captions for your Instagram posts that revolve around this gap and drive more traffic to your account, reeling in prospective clients who are trustworthy and loyal towards your brand.

Straight To The Point

A maximum of 2,200 characters may seem scarce for some but too much for others. Regardless, it is all dependent on how you wisely choose your words. But beware, the caption is truncated at 125 characters. 

Nevertheless, you do not have to trim the captions until it’s barely a couple of lines in the hope that users can see all of it without having to click “more”. 

Instead, try frontloading the captions with enticing content or call-to-actions texts while saving any hashtags, @mentions, and other extra details for the end. Create your caption with the juiciest info first so that your followers want to know more about what you have written in your caption. 

Include Call-To-Action

A call-to-action is a cheeky but rewarding way to boost the share potential of your posts. Invite your followers to engage with the post by inviting them to do something rather than just scrolling by. 

A study found that verbs generated more shares on Twitter than nouns and adjectives. Being another social media platform, this can be the same for Instagram as well. 

Here are a few action-based ideas to get you started:

  1. Ask a question

People are drawn to scenarios where they can relate to on a personal level. An easy way to achieve that is by asking people to comment on their own experiences about something related to your content. 

  1. Encourage people to tag their friends

Encouraging your followers to tag their friends is an ideal way to boost traffic and market your brand. Each friend that is tagged can keep on tagging other friends and it just keeps on going like a chain reaction. Couple this with the possibility to win a prize or giveaways and the effect would be significantly magnified. 

Use Hashtags Wisely 

Hashtags pull together the conversations of multiple users into one stream. Chances are a user may come across your post if he/she clicks a hashtag you used.  Even new users who may not have come across your profile on their own can end up in your profile due to the power of hashtags. 

Having said that, overcrowding your caption with hashtags is not advisable. Limit yourself to 4 hashtags in your caption and place them within the phrase only if it fits naturally. 

If you got no idea for a hashtag, Instagram actually suggests hashtags based on popularity. You just have to type # symbol followed by a few letters, and it will start suggesting what is being used elsewhere and you can choose the ones that are highly relevant to the content of your post.

Include Relevant Snippets 

It is challenging to direct your followers to your online stores when you cannot share the links on your post. 

This is where “link in bio” becomes useful. It is a constant reminder to the readers that there is a link to be clicked. Your content must be really compelling to the users to encourage them to go to your bio and click the link. 

Hence, leave interesting snippets of information that will pique your follower’s curiosity in your Instagram caption so that they will want to know more about the subject matter of your post and look for your link in your bio. 

Caption It Right!

The next time you begin writing a caption for your Instagram post, try to be more mindful of its significance and make sure to include these easy tips to reach more of your target audience. 

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