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Get Your Kids These Affordable Toys From Lazada!

Every childhood is special. During this period, the personality, talent, and attributes of the young kids are crafted and embodied. For most kids, childhood means playing with friends in the playground, riding bicycles, and playing their favourite games like football, badminton, and swimming. This is the time for parents to help their children create wonderful memories that will keep them feeling safe, secure, and happy as they grow up in a challenging world. 

During the pandemic, children have been restricted to play within the household area. This means no playtime with friends, no big birthday parties, and no outdoor activities. Often, we forget that children are equally affected by this pandemic too. 

What you can do now is provide indoor toys for them and create fun playful moments inside your house so that your kids feel happy and joyful. However, this does not mean that you need to fork out a large sum of money especially when times are tough out there. Lazada offers exciting yet inexpensive options for you to help build the ideal childhood experiences for your children even during the lockdown.

Check out these affordable toys from Lazada! 

Y-Pen Intelligent Learning Speaking Pen 

Source: Lazada 

Being nearly two years into this pandemic, most parents with toddlers must have started to educate their child on the basic alphabets, numbers and colours. This Y-Pen from Lazada can be your best companion to make learning interesting for your children. 

Made from high-quality hard paper with vibrant colours, the cards accompanying the Y-pen are non-toxic, durable, and has no sharp edges. Hence, the learning experience for your child is made safe. 

Moreover, the 12 cards exhibit English words with respective pronunciations as well. The words comprise the basic entities around us like vehicles, plants, toys, food, and so on.  This is an apt preschool learning kit that enhances the child’s ability to read and speak English but also impacts their logical thinking, judgments, and perception. 

To make things more interesting and instigate curiosity, there are smart pens that will light up in red or blue to indicate if the answer mentioned is right. All your child has to do is click on the answer of his or her option. The pen functions with 2 AAA batteries which also eases the user experience. 

If your kid is 3 years and above, this smart way of learning will definitely come in handy for you. Even more, with 48% off the existing price, it is definitely a great deal! 

Wooden Pretend Play Jigsaw Board 

Source: Lazada

Kids love colours! And what better way to incorporate bright vibrant colours into learning and playing than the Wooden Pretend Play Threading and Cutting Puzzle Board?

This toy comes in designs of animals, vehicles, food, the ocean, and so on. The threading feature is where a wooden “needle” is provided for kids to thread the 3D images according to their shape. This enhances your kid’s coordination skills and focus. Also, these realistic images keep them more engaged and interested.

As for the cutting food puzzle board,  the images are easily cut by the wooden knife provided due to the Velcro strap. The best part about this toy is that the cut pieces can actually be placed over the cutting board to be used as a jigsaw puzzle. 

These boards have labelled pictures to indicate the position of different images accordingly. This way, your kid could also learn a new word while they play. Suitable for kids 3 years and above, it comes with rounded features, is non-toxic and is light-weighted.

Being under RM 10.00, this toy is a must-buy for your kids.

5 Sided Montessori Bead Maze + Clock + Shapes + Beads Maze Wooden Educational Toys 

Source: Lazada

Lazada offers you a 5 sided Montessori baby toy with a 49% discount to its existing price.

Mostly focused on bright colours, shapes, and bead maze, this toy aids your kid’s hand and eye coordination. Owing to the colourful appearance, this toy also stimulates the kid’s imagination.

In addition to that, the bead maze inculcates patience within the kid. Being made from wood, the toy is eco-friendly and safe for your little one to play with. The detachable top adds an extra twist to the entire setup. Apart from just colour and shapes, your kid can also learn about time with the clock feature on one of the sides. 

Now, that is one engaging way to teach kids how to tell time.

With a warranty of 1 month from the local seller, this toy is appropriate for kids between 3 to 5 years old.

Baby MiyOyO KX1702 Steering Driving Toy 

Source: Lazada

What about a toy that instigates a kid’s imagination and steps into the intellectual arena?

The Baby MiyOyO Steering Driving Toy can be an interesting toy for your kid especially if he or she shows interest in cars and driving. 

To develop your kid’s imagination, motor skills and for them to just have some fun, this steering wheel could be your ideal option. The wheel can actually be placed in the car or even on his/her toy car and let them have the feel of moving the wheels.

Not only that but there are also active buttons displaying certain sounds and light that makes this toy even more interesting! The kids can recognise the sounds of ambulances, police cars, fire trucks, and so forth. 

Another unique feature is that the wheel can be rotated at an angle of 360° without actually turning it. 

Available in yellow and pink, you get to choose the colour based on your kid’s preference. Since it is made from plastic, this wheel can be easy to deal with by your kids. 

This steering wheel functions with only 2 AA batteries which ease its functionality. All you have to do is replace the batteries periodically for the smooth functioning of your kid’s own steering wheel. 

With an exclusive deal of 61% discount, this toy is definitely worth its price.