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Are You Doing Social Media Influencing Right? Here’s A Checklist

Due to its profitable nature, a slew of new social media influencers emerges every day. You are free to work at your own speed without being pressured to meet deadlines. However, surviving in a sea of influencers seeking to outshine the competition is no simple task.

Just as any other job, social media marketing requires the individual to be able to juggle several tasks at a time. Keeping up with upcoming trends, following up on potential leads, engaging with customers, and the list keeps piling up. 

Here is a checklist that might just be the right tool for you to find out if you are on the right track. 

Why Is A Checklist So Important? 

A checklist helps you organise, verify, and prioritise your assignments. According to Convirza, a checklist is designed and proven to reduce errors as well as maintaining consistency and completeness in carrying out a task. 

How Many Checklists Are There?

Generally, Buffer and Convirza recommend daily, weekly, and monthly checklists to prioritize your tasks and give a clearer deadline to each of them. This way, you would not end up frantically chasing to meet the deadlines and making up for the time lost on less important tasks. 

Daily Checklist

There are several key checkboxes that you are meant to tick every day.

  1. Content schedule

According to a study done by Hootsuite, there are specific time frames to post your content to ensure your posts reach the right audience at the right time, according to your choice of social media platforms.

  • Instagram 🡺 11:00 AM on Wednesdays
  • Twitter 🡺 8:00 AM on Mondays and Thursdays
  • Facebook 🡺 Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM
  • LinkedIn 🡺 9:00 AM on Tuesdays and Wednesdays
  1. Engaging with customers

The audience feels appreciated when their comments or concerns are duly noted. Responding to their comments promptly shows your interest in them and that you value their opinion. 

Also, check your inbox every day for anything new from your followers. Customers tend to be more loyal and trust your brand this way. 

  1. Study your competitors

Your competitors are the best tool to measure your performance and improve your business. Spend time to study how they develop their new content. 

You can work smart by analysing their content and strategy so that you can learn from them and apply them to your own content strategy. It does not mean that you should copy exactly what they did (a BIG NO!) but learn what they did and how you could use it for your own benefit. 

Weekly Checklist

  1. Statistics check

A weekly statistics check is better than a daily one because it allows you to grasp the whole ups and downs of that week. Some results may need some time to reflect so checking up on them daily can be a waste of time.

Note down the ideas that outperformed others that week. Also, what did not work out that week is crucial to highlight the drawbacks of a certain product or idea. Once you get these statistics, make sure you focus more on what works and eliminate or try to spruce up what didn’t work. 

  1. Strategy meeting

Have a strategy meeting with your team or just yourself. 

Brainstorm potential new ideas that are trending and new market gaps that can be ventured into. If you work with a team, you can ask for advice, new perspectives, and ideas that may not occur to you during this meeting. But, if you are working alone, you can always grab a friend who is interested in your social media influencing and get their ideas or insights. Essentially, allocate a specific time each week to simply brainstorm and research for new ideas, gaps, and market research. This is crucial to come up with fresh social media content instead of repurposing old ones. 

  1. Networking with other influencers

Social media events are great places to connect with your fellow influencers. Now, almost all the events are done online making them more accessible. If you have been invited to speak as a panel or to share your influencer success stories in any blogs, make sure you make the effort to connect with other influencers who might be present or involved. 

These connections can be used for collaborations, later on, to tap into a whole new set of the target audience. 

Online statistics

Monthly Checklist

  1. Carrying out a social media audit

A monthly audit to check your posting frequencies will review if you have been consistent this month. 

The audit is also great to know more about your strategies to reel in more traffic to your site and the average monthly sales. The data gathered in this period will highlight areas that need to be worked on for further improvements. 

Having KPIs tracked every month is an excellent way to ensure growth and success. 

  1. Setting monthly goals

From the audit findings, you can now derive achievable goals for the next month. It could be consistency in posting content, increasing traffic to your site, trying new business strategies such as registering on affiliate marketing platforms, or even all of them. It is better to have a specific goal than just putting extra effort without any direction.   

  1. Brainstorm for new ideas

Creating consistent content is good but over time it can get boring if you keep using the same ideas over and over again. 

Do not be afraid to experiment with new innovative ideas, the crazier the better. Major brands out there take a bold move for each of their campaigns. This can be helpful to create brand awareness and reach a wider base of audience. 

Use These Checklists For Successful Social Media Influencing

Though a checklist is often misconstrued to be time consuming or tedious, it is undeniably effective in enhancing your social media influencing strategy. You would be systematic in your approach and you would not be missing any key efforts.