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Upgrade Your Kitchen With Shopee Kitchen Deals

Do you think your kitchen may use a makeover? After many months of staying at home and using the kitchen extensively, it might need a little sprucing up.  It does not have to be a complete overhaul; just some minor organising and space optimisation that can make your kitchen appear well-kept and well-organised. 

Here are some affordable kitchen items from Shopee to upgrade your kitchen.  

10Pcs Double-Sided Absorbent Dishcloth 

Source: Shopee

Regardless of how many kitchen cloths you have at home, there will always be the need for more especially as it wears out from regular clean-ups after each meal prep.

This dishcloth from Shopee comes as 10 in a pack and is currently at a 78% discount off its original price. Not only that, but you will also get a free shipping benefit with this purchase.

Made from thicken coral fleece, the water absorbance of this cloth is top-notch. The water splashes around the sink or even the stains on your tabletop can be easily removed with these kitchen cloths.

To make things better, the ability of this cloth to hold water and lather the dishwashing soap makes it suitable to be used as scouring pads giving it dual-purpose. Furthermore, the soft texture prevents scratches on your utensils and pots while being gentle on your skin. 

These microfiber cloths are around 27 cm by 16 cm in size and are available in multiple colours. Equipped with a lanyard to enable easy storage and hanging purpose, these kitchen towels are must-haves especially with this great deal!


Multifunction Kitchen Drain Sink Filter With Suction

Source: Shopee

The kitchen sink can clog up frequently and it is not a great experience to clean it up after. 

This Tik Tok Multifunction Kitchen Drain Sink Filter helps to make your job easier by collecting the trash, which you can then dispose of in the trash bin.

Made up of polyvinyl chloride and polypropylene, this filter is reusable and durable. 

The overflow holes are designed to drain water easily. Thus, you barely need to worry about your kitchen sink malfunctioning due to the clogged up dirt. 

Besides wastes, this filter can also be used to strain your vegetables after washing. You do not have to look for a bowl or a place to hold your strainer since this multipurpose filter offers you the same purpose with much lesser space uptake. 

As it comes with a holder that can be adhered to the sink or wall for support, your kitchen space can be kept minimal and functional. 

Now at a discount of 58%, this product is certainly a must-have in any kitchen household.


Cutlery Organiser 

Source: Shopee

Does that one dessert spoon you look for just gets lost in the pile of other cutleries in the drawer? Or is your cutlery drawer just unorganised and screams for help?

All you might need is a cutlery organiser that keeps your spoons and forks in place. Therefore, giving your kitchen a clean and organised look.

This organiser is appropriate if your kitchen drawers are 3.25 inches in height. With a size of 39.8 x 11.4 x 5.8 cm, you know that it will be a sufficient storage space to store the cluttered cutleries.

If keeping them in place was not enough, the organiser allows you to decide if the organisation of the cutlery should be head or handle first. To avoid mix-ups, there are labels for easier identification. 

If your drawer is wider than the dimension said, you still could purchase this organiser since it has non-slip feet. As a result, you do not need to worry about the organiser sliding as you open and shut the drawers. 

Find your cutleries a happy place with this product, which is now, under RM 15.00!


KITCH WARE 3 Sides Oil Splash Guard 

Source: Shopee

All those delicious stews and deep-fried goodness gives you a happy tummy. But, the cleaning up that comes after that can be tedious. 

This 3 sides oil splash guard aluminium foil might just be your saviour! It is at a 45% discount over the original price with free shipping benefits.

Having a dimension of 84 cm by 32.5 cm on each side, this splatter shield not only prevents oil or grease mess over your kitchen wall but is also easy to clean. All you have to do is wipe off the stains from the aluminium foil and reuse it.

Is that not a bargain for such a reasonable price?

To add on, you can fold the aluminium foil according to the size of your stovetop. It can either be a U-shaped single hearth or even an L-shaped double hearth. 

With one of these handy oil splatter screens, cleaning up after a delicious meal will be a breeze.