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Bedroom Decor 101: Top Lazada Bedroom Deals

The bedroom should be a space that gives you peace, comfort, and happiness. It must be a place of relaxation. However, at times, the same old bedroom interior might cause boredom or even anxiety.

Imagine your comfort space being clogged with non-essential items and crowded by dreary things that do not contribute to your wellbeing. If you are not feeling good the moment you step into your bedroom, it is time for you to take a hard look around and make some changes. This is of utmost importance to make sure you get good night sleep and rejuvenate yourself before facing a new day. 

Worry not! You do not have to fork out a large amount of money just to revamp your bedroom decor. Here are a few exclusive deals on bedroom decor from Lazada that will help you transform your bedroom affordably. 

USB Cute Cat House Touch Dimming LED Night Light 

Source: Lazada

Most kids prefer sleeping with lights on. Having said that, it is sometimes hard to find the appropriate light for your kids. 

Lazada is now offering a 46% discount on this adorable night light that can both be a décor yet serve the purpose of providing enough light as your kids go to sleep all alone in their bedroom. 

Since its brightness can be easily adjusted by touching, it is easy for kids to handle and manage the light themselves without your help. 

Available in white, green and pink, you get to choose the appropriate colour based on your kids’ preferences!

The light is small in size and lightweight, hence it takes up less space around your kids’ rooms. This means you do not have to make major changes around the room to elevate the mood of the room. All you have to do is find a small space for these lights. Plus, with small power uptake and great quality of light displayed, this Cat House Touch Dimming Light is definitely worth the money!


Meet-A 11 Multi-Wall Photo Frame Collage 

Source: Lazada

If you are pondering on chic ways to get photos on your bedroom wall, then this item might be specially curated for you!

There are 11 photo frames of multiple sizes that will create a different dimension to your mundane bedroom wall. Additionally, this item is accompanied by a round photo frame and a clover ornament that creates a modern twist to the entire photo collage. 

The frames are available in yellow or white. Therefore, you are at the liberty of choosing the best colour which jives with your bedroom interior colours and the overall decor you would like to establish. 

The photo frames are made up of solid pine wood which ensures the longevity of these photo frames. Meanwhile, the glass is acrylic and highly transparent to provide clear visibility of the pictures and is safe to handle. 

At the moment, this product is at a 69% discount with free shipping benefits! 


Semicircle Carpet 

Source: Lazada

Carpets can be the easiest way to add fun colours to your bedroom. Apart from colour, this semicircle bedroom mat adds an edge to the bedroom décor with its unique shape. 

With a dimension of 40 cm width and 80 cm length, this mat renders its function without taking up too much space. Moreover, you have a wide variety of shapes and colours to choose from. 

The carpet is made of crystal velvet surface providing comfort the moment you step on it. You need not worry about it slipping as this mat has a rubber granule sole. 

In addition to being highly comfortable, this mat is also easy to maintain. You can either give it a regular vacuum or even wipe the stains with a wet cloth. 

Apart from being functional, this mat will also add to the overall vibe of your bedroom. It is definitely a worthy buy especially with the current discount of 42% on Lazada. 


Bestenrose Self-Adhesive Velcro Bedroom Curtain 

Source: Lazada

Curtains are such a staple when it comes to bedroom décor. It is the easiest way to add colours to your bedroom or change the vibe of your bedroom. Having said that, hooking them up and getting them down can be a tedious job.

This Bestenrose Self-Adhesive Bedroom Curtain is the perfect way to lighten your curtain changing routine and bring some remarkable changes to your bedroom. 

The curtain covers a width of 90 cm and a height of 100 cm. Available in multiple solid colours and combinations, your choices are aplenty especially if you are looking to decorate two or more bedrooms. 

Since it is made from high-quality polyester, you do not have to worry about its durability, softness, and comfort. 

Wondering about the maintenance?

Well, it’s best to wash these curtains by hand and avoid hot water when you do so. 

Apart from that, the installation is made so simple. You will be provided with a string and the corresponding length Velcro for free with the curtain of your choice. Next, you need to remove the back of the hook surface and place the torn adhesive surface on the curtain. Lastly, there will be a plastic surface to be placed on the window frame. All you need to do is attach the curtain to the plastic surface. 

Voila! Your brand new curtain is up and your bedroom is all set for a good night sleep!