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Real Estate Negotiator’s Affiliate Marketing Journey

At the age of 48, Rony is more motivated than ever to make his way towards success! With all the experience he gained as a real estate negotiator and founder of YAP Rony Property & Real Estate, Rony has now stepped foot into the world of affiliate marketing via his blog that focuses on deals and promotions

Joining ACCESSTRADE Malaysia as an affiliate marketer in May 2020, Rony has been diligent and focused to gain extra income through the plethora of brands and affiliate marketing campaigns available on the ACCESSTRADE Malaysia affiliate marketing platform. 

Here’s all about Rony’s journey as a successful affiliate marketer with ACCESSTRADE Malaysia…

Rony’s Early Days In Affiliate Marketing 

Rony was first attracted to venture into affiliate marketing after learning that affiliate marketing is highly popular among Westerners and the fact that they seem to be earning a lot of money via affiliate marketing. Realising that it might be a potential source of income, Rony googled all about affiliate marketing to equip himself with the right knowledge. 

Since he was aware of the impact and possibilities of affiliate marketing on the other side of the world, he was sure that affiliate marketing in Malaysia is not a scam. In fact, it was an effective way for him to diversify his sources of income to be more financially secure. 

Upon choosing and joining ACCESSTRADE Malaysia as an affiliate marketer, Rony finds affiliate marketing to be a fairly easy and effective way to earn side income. In fact, he is juggling his job as a successful real estate negotiator with his newfound interest in affiliate marketing. 

Rony’s Affiliate Marketing Strategies Made Easy With ACCESSTRADE Malaysia 

With careful planning and effective guidance from the support team at ACCESSTRADE Malaysia, Rony is only spending an hour or two every day to find the relevant campaigns on his dashboard and promote them to his audience. 

According to Rony, he creates content using the templates from ACCESSTRADE Malaysia and so far, it has been working very well for him. Currently, Rony’s challenge is to find the right banners to prioritize and promote to his audience to make sure they attract the right audience who will then click on them. 

Seeing himself as an affiliate marketer for the long run, Rony has even started to influence his friends and family to join affiliate marketing since it has been greatly helping him with his finance and career. 

If You Are Curious About Affiliate Marketing, Here’s Rony’s Advice For You

As someone who is not new to online marketing and dealing with clients, Rony has a knack for knowing what will work and what would not work when it comes to attracting the target audience. When asked for his tips to remain relevant and active on social media platforms, he says, “Be genuine and positive with your comments and postings”. 

The key to being a successful affiliate marketer is to work hard and smart. And if you are thinking of taking a leap of faith to better your life but you are reluctant about trying something new like affiliate marketing, Rony’s advice is: “Just do it”.

Here are Rony’s social media platforms, if you are curious to see how well he is doing in affiliate marketing with ACCESSTRADE Malaysia…

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