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Expert Talks: Affiliate Marketing CPS Model As The Future Of Influencer Marketing During The Pandemic

ACCESSTRADE MY’s annual summit, the Performance Growth Summit 2021 was held on September 11 and successfully brought together digital and affiliate marketing experts across Malaysia. With the tagline ‘MOVING TOWARDS DIGITALIZATION’, PGS 2021 explored how the digitalized world is giving a good impact on the economy and insights to survive this challenging pandemic.

In this Expert Talks series, we are going to highlight the major issues brought forward by the experts in PGS 2021.

The keynote speaker at PGS 2021, Nick Shigov, Head of Business Development at Indoleads talked in detail about “Affiliate Marketing CPS Model As The Future Of Influencer Marketing During Pandemic”. 

With 6 years of experience in the affiliate marketing industry, Nick provided great insights to the publishers and advertisers of ACCESSTRADE Malaysia. 

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What Is CPS?

CPS is the acronym for “Cost Per Sale” which is one of the broader forms of CPA which is “Cost Per Action”. While the CPA model covers quite a range of actions from simple actions such as like or comment on Instagram to an actual purchase, CPS, like the name suggests is limited to sales. 

Is CPS The Right Model For Your Business?

Before you jump the bandwagon, it is crucial to find out if the CPS model will benefit you in the short and long term. If your business primarily focuses on the B2C market, you sell mass-market products or services, your brand is well-established, and you are up to sales scaling and attracting new clients, then the answer is YES! The CPS model is the right fit for your business! 

However, do take note that CPS does not cancel traditional influencer marketing. In fact, both models can work together. 

How To Make CPS Work?

If you want to use CPS for your advertising, here’s what Nick suggests: 

  1. Choose approximately 50-100 high-quality bloggers within your target audience and negotiate with them to work using CPS. Do not target celebrity bloggers. Instead, focus on nano and microbloggers with 1k-50k subscribers.
  2. Prepare an exclusive offer with the promo code for the bloggers. 
  3. Set up the amount of commission: It can be a fixed payout or a certain percentage depending on your business and net income. You can increase the commission based on the performance of the influencer. 
  4. Create terms of reference and introduce them to all the bloggers engaged under your CPS campaign.
  5. Set up a CRM system or affiliate tracking platform to track actual sales of the influencers. 
  6. Generate and provide unique voucher codes or unique UTM tags to your influencers, or use affiliate tracking links.

What’s Next?

Due to ramped up vaccination drive in Malaysia, Malaysians are all set to adapt to the new normal. However, some of the new trends brought about by the pandemic especially purchasing trends are here to stay. 

For instance, influencer marketing proved its efficiency in highly unstable circumstances in the past year and has gained popularity that will stay in a post-pandemic world. 

CPS is the way forward for travel, dining, cinema, and fitness spheres in the coming year. As a brand, it is most ideal for you to pay influencers based on the CPS model because it enables optimization in terms of audience, content, and terms of the agreement. Moreover, it makes the results much more predictable and measurable. 

Watch The Full Session To Explore Further 

If you have missed PGS 2021, worry not! You can watch the full session here!

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