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Expert Talks: How GoGet Stays Relevant During The Pandemic

ACCESSTRADE MY’s annual summit, the Performance Growth Summit 2021 was held on September 11 and successfully brought together digital and affiliate marketing experts across Malaysia. With the tagline ‘MOVING TOWARDS DIGITALIZATION’, PGS 2021 explored how the digitalized world is giving a good impact on the economy and insights to survive this challenging pandemic.

In this Expert Talks series, we are going to highlight the major issues brought forward by the experts in PGS 2021.

One of the speakers at PGS 2021, Francesca Chia, Co-Founder of GoGet talked in detail about “The Biggest Lessons Learnt While Building A Brand During The Pandemic”. Specifically, she shared business strategy on staying relevant during the pandemic and how to drive for brand impact during challenging times.

Introduction To GoGet 

GoGet is a community platform offering reliable and skilled part-time help for businesses as well as home and life needs. With 20k verified part-timers, GoGet is a marketplace between flexible workers and businesses. With services spanning logistics, sales/marketing, admin, and operations, GoGet has been mobilising demand and distributing work for MNCs (help with new ventures powered by an on-demand workforce from day one), large companies (help to scale up during peak periods), as well as SMEs (help as everyday teammates to operate). 

With the vision to build a sustainable future for work, GoGet’s brand-building journey helped it to stay relevant throughout the pandemic. 

Execution Strategy and Guiding Principles During Uncertain Times 

In times when businesses were pressured to cut costs and keep surviving, GoGet’s mission was to empower businesses to grow without scaling their cost and when people needed a safe place to keep their livelihood, GoGet worked to empower those who wanted to earn with a flexible and trusted solution. 

The guiding principles of GoGet is also another reason for GoGet’s success even when times were tough. 

  1. Fast: Be reactive, updated, and work hard to stay up to speed with changes
  2. Transparent: Never cover-up, share immediate updates with all users
  3. Be human: Certain SOPs may not be relevant, always ‘Do the right thing’
  4. Stay positive: Keep each other motivated 

Quickly Adapting With Brand New SOP For All Jobs 

GoGet quickly adapted to the need of the hour by implementing contactless delivery, cashless delivery, ‘Allowed jobs’, and maintaining clear communication across all channels through support and help centre as well as notifications. 

For instance, to adapt to contactless delivery, GoGet suspended the proof of delivery feature, created a new SOP of leaving the item and taking a photo, as well as communicating the changes to users. Meanwhile, to enable cashless delivery, GoGet suspended all cash deliveries and quickly turned to Paypal credit cards for even low credit packages and started educating users about GoGet pay. 

5 Ways GoGet Helped SMEs During The Pandemic 

Additionally, GoGet worked together with SMEs to continue staying relevant during the pandemic. Here’s how:

  1. Providing exclusive promo code campaigns for their customers to use GoGet.
  2. Integration with online store with on-demand delivery, no surcharge on items, no minimum spend, and no geographical limit.
  3. Partnerships with SMEs such as helping DoctorOnCall to roll out across 35 clinics with GoGetters to onboard doctors.
  4. Educating the public with examples such as Whatsapp blurb of the list of services with the merchants’ names.
  5. Roll out a promotional package by removing the 10% management fee.

Watch The Full Session To Explore Further 

If you have missed PGS 2021, worry not! You can watch the full session here!

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