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Expert Talks: Performance Marketing: Leveraging The Power Of Native Ads

ACCESSTRADE MY’s annual summit, the Performance Growth Summit 2021 was held on September 11 and successfully brought together digital and affiliate marketing experts across Malaysia. With the tagline ‘MOVING TOWARDS DIGITALIZATION’, PGS 2021 explored how the digitalized world is giving a good impact on the economy and insights to survive this challenging pandemic.

In this Expert Talks series, we are going to highlight the major issues brought forward by the experts in PGS 2021.

One of the speakers at PGS 2021, Alina Kaspryk, Affiliate Partnerships Director at APAC MGID talked in detail about “Performance Marketing: Leveraging the Power of Native Ads”.

Alina’s expertise includes affiliate partnerships development in the region as well as helping advertisers discover the power of native ads. With 10 years of experience in AdTech and 3 years with MGID, Alina provided great insights to the publishers and advertisers of ACCESSTRADE Malaysia during PGS 2021. 

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As one of the leading affiliate marketing platforms in Malaysia and the region, ACCESSTRADE is also keen on educating and providing key insights to its publishers to further enhance their skills and knowledge about digital marketing, while providing advertisers with impeccable services for their digital marketing needs. 

The Performance Mindset

In her presentation in PGS 2021, Alina explored the shift in focus when it comes to ad budgets. Apparently, advertisers are prioritizing tangible business outcomes, rationalizing ad spend, and choosing performance-based approaches. According to eMarketer, 62% of marketing budgets are being allocated towards performance marketing. Some of the reasons why performance marketing is growing faster than traditional marketing are: More flexibility, increased marketing reach, pay for performance, transparency of spend and revenue, and reduced marketing risk. 

Performance marketing is providing advertisers high intent audience, low spill channels, customized messaging, as well as measuring and optimizing metrics. As a result, brands are able to meet consumer needs and gain loyalty. 

MGID’s Brandformance Perspective

Brandformance is branding + performance. Brandformance stimulates the growth of both brand awareness and sales. With native advertising that is designed to serve both branding and performance-oriented objectives, brands can now optimize Brandformance. 

Why Native Advertising?

According to IPG & Sharethrough, consumers looked at native ads 52% more frequently than banner ads and 25% of consumers looked at in-feed native ad placements compared to standard banners. 

While SEM/SEO, social marketing, and highly targeted media approaches are crucial for a brand, the native approach provides a full-funnel approach that will enable brands to meet user demands. 

Watch The Full Session To Explore Further 

If you have missed PGS 2021, worry not! You can watch the full session here!

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