Review: ACCESSTRADE : The Leading Affiliate Marketing Platform in Malaysia
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Review: ACCESSTRADE : The Leading Affiliate Marketing Platform in Malaysia

Review by Nur Afifah

Assalamualaikum and hi! 🙂

First of all, do you know what is Affiliate Marketing?

Ok, I would have to explain on this first, because the platform I’m gonna share today is closely related to Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing is an advertising model in which company compensates 3rd party publishers to generate traffic or leads to the company’s products and services.

The affiliates marketers is incentivized by commissions, to promote the company. 

In simple language, you, as the Affiliate Marketer, promote a company’s services/products to your followers, when they purchase through your link/recommendation, you can get commission in terms of cash/credit.


Have you heard about ACCESSTRADE?

ACCESSTRADE is the best Affiliate Network Marketing Platform in Malaysia.

Besides Malaysia, ACCESSTRADE is also operating in Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam & Singapore.


You can join as Publishers or Advertisers.

I will share more on my personal experience as Influencer.

How do I get to know ACCESSTRADE

As an influencer, of course I did research on platforms to enhance my portfolio.

And I found ACCESSTRADE as on of the best Affiliate Marketing Platform.

First, I registered with ACCESSTRADE thru Shopee because I am a Shopee Ambassador.

And discover more opportunity in Accesstrade whereby I saw there’re many more companies, BIG companies, to be exact, whose also the clients of ACCESSTRADE.

And I tried to promote the campaign link, for Zalora & Watsons , and from there I started to love the concept that ACCESSTRADE brought into our country and into the affiliate marketing world.

It is very convenient because u can just generate your own affiliate link of the company that you want to promote, and generate income, from the link. 

Yes, that simple!

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing : Stay Home, Earn Online

No need to create product or service

Don’t have to stock or ship product

Work anytime and from anywhere with internet access

Passive income potential, multiple areas of income

 Referral Commission

Affiliate Marketing the new revolution of income guys.

It is too easy to manage, you almost do nothing to get the income.

Just by sharing a product or service to your social media platforms, using the links provided, you earn income in terms of commission! 

Is Affiliate Marketing for You?

Do you like to share? You always on your social media? Are you having a  lot of free times now? You have great numbers of followers?

Don’t waste all the resources you have! 

Let’s start to earn by being Affiliate Marketer with ACCESSTRADE!

Let’s work with the big BRANDS such as Lazada, Shopee, Adidas, Zalora, Watsons, and more!!! 

Having another income stream is just, awesome! 

Register here: