Beware of Scammers Misusing The Name of ACCESSTRADE
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Beware of Scammers Misusing The Name of ACCESSTRADE ⚠️⚠️⚠️

A few online scams are misusing the INTERSPACE group and ACCESSTRADE company name and logo. The scammers are asking the victims to make some advance payment to their bank account in order to get a 10% commission from their ‘merchants’. We have faced similar scams previously and we need your cooperation to keep you safe from scammers.

Interspace is in the business of providing an affiliate platform “ACCESSTRADE” to internet users. “ACCESSTRADE” is one of the largest affiliate service networks in Japan. Other than in Japan, we are also currently developing our business in Southeast Asia such as Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore.


  • ACCESSTRADE will NEVER send emails with signatures of ACCESSTRADE staff or merchants to individual internet users using personal email.
  • ACCESSTRADE will NEVER ask our publishers or any individual internet users for advance payment under any circumstances.

Scammers see an opportunity to misuse our name and gain the trust of the victims!

How Does ACCESSTRADE Fight These Scammers?

ACCESSTRADE Malaysia has taken serious action against these scammers by lodging a police report on 12th January 2022 at 1454pm.

We have a zero-tolerance policy against such scammers. Our mission is to help offer the best services to both our merchants and publishers.

How Do These Scammers Work?

Scammers have variegated ways to lure you. The most common method is to send a part-time commission-based offer. They will add you to a WhatsApp group with members who are involved in the scam. To gain your trust, a few scammers will share transactional slips as well. In order to ensure that you are comfortable in transitioning a large amount, they will start by asking for smaller transactions. They will even give you 8-10% commissions on a few initial exchanges. Finally, they will upgrade you to VIP status in which the costs are increased. Now, they will pretend to freeze your account and demand more in order for you to unfreeze it. When you finally complete this transaction, they will block you on all platforms.

Other methods for scams include:
1. Warning letters in order to gain your personal account details
2. Advance payment offer for 10% commission

You can read in detail about such scam experiences from the following links:

What To Do If You Have Been Scammed?

Step 1: Report the mobile number/group chat that you were invited to on WhatsApp.

Step 2: Lodge a police report at your nearest police station.

Step 3: Share your police report with us for our reference.

How To Stay Safe From Scammers?


Beware of these scammers’ contact numbers. Do not accept their calls or messages!
+603-27024558 (Michelle)
+6011-12995261 (Instructor)
+6011-17901068 (Instructor)
+6011-72525906 (Jenny)
+6014-2167279 (Jenny)
+6016-8524683 (Bryan)
+6016-9476808 (Mandy Lew)
+6017-6909215 (Angeline)
+6017-9033807 (Jess)

Stay alert whenever you see the following bank account details. Do not initiate any transactions!

Arzehat Bin Ahmad
0213129000019703 (BSN)

Chuah Chee Choong
1013141100050843 (BSN)

Ng Kim Fook
1410041100094088 (BSN)

Afandi Bin Abd Rahim
7037045256 (CIMB)

Nur Wahid Bin Tumira
1012829000010246 (BSN)

Muhammad Aliff Bin Ismail
7628587094 (CIMB)

Kogilavani A/P Parthivan
7064399246 (CIMB)

Nur Nazuha Bt Abdul Mukadir
7045592477 (CIMB)

Zareq Zaiyani Bin Zaini
205300149767 (Affin)

Arnold Padan Joseph
7638620913 (CIMB)

Jakaria Richot
1211241100047652 (BSN)


All ACCESSTRADE functions are carried through its official platforms:


  1. Japan:
  2. Indonesia:
  3. Thailand:
  4. Vietnam:
  5. Malaysia:
  6. Singapore:


If you receive suspicious messages or come across suspicious websites misusing our INTERSPACE group and ACCESSTRADE company names/logos/signatures, please contact us at immediately. We need your kind cooperation in the effort to get rid of these scams. ACESSTRADE is taking every essential step to ensure the safety of our users. Stay alert and stay safe. Thank you!

Not only ACCESSTRADE Malaysia had already lodged a police report regarding this scam issue, but there are also some scam victims who contacted us concerning this issue and a few of them managed to lodge police reports, which you may find HERE. We will update the police reports from time to time upon receiving them from other victims.