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Learning Ins and Outs of Affiliate Marketing with Fatin Syazwani

Blogging is not just a part-time habit anymore. Yes, for those who are writing just for the sake of writing, it is still an activity that should be pursued in leisure. However, writing content seriously and being consistent in doing so could turn the table upside down in a positive way. Following the passion for blogging and content writing while doing affiliate marketing can make a colossal change economically, financially, and career-wise also because it would bring the passion to another level. With the help of good affiliate marketing platforms, the passion can turn into a profession and a fortune can be built just by following the passion whole-heartedly. 

ACCESSTRADE is among the most reliable affiliate marketing platforms through which one can start their journey as an affiliate marketer while pursuing their passion. So far hundreds of marketers without any shred of affiliate marketing have been successful in creating a name for themselves through ACCESSTRADE. Among those countless people who have achieved a new height in their career by starting their journey in affiliate marketing, Fatin Syazwani Binti Abd Rahim is a perfect example to look up to. She is a blogger and she loves to write. She has always been passionate about writing. She is very enthusiastic about writing and also about digital marketing. Apart from that, she is also very well-versed in SEO. However, she also had her reservations regarding affiliate marketing and like all beginners, she was also, in a sense, not aware of where to start and how to make it profitable. In short, all she needed was a reliable and trustable platform to begin her journey as an affiliate marketer and with ACCESSTRADE, her search came to an end and her journey begins. 

Let’s take a look at the incredible journey of Fatin Syazwani Binti Abd Rahim in her own words and the significant role ACCESSTRADE has played in it.

Why did you start affiliate marketing?

I started when I realized there was an opportunity for me since I love to write and do reviews

about something. So why not; pursue the passion and get paid for it.

Can you share a little bit about how you got started with affiliate marketing and when you started? 

I started around 2013. But at the time, there were not so many affiliate programs. During those days, I always heard that there were so many programs but it was hard to find something that suits my interests. So I stopped. But then I began to do affiliate marketing seriously after I found out about ACCESSTRADE.

What was interesting about affiliate marketing? 

What is interesting for me is that I can pursue my passion while generating income from it. In a way, affiliate marketing has monetized my passion. And it is also easier and fair game to just promote without needing to sell things.

How did you first find out about affiliate marketing? 

I found affiliate marketing while surfing the internet and they listed some kind of work that you can do at home without needing to spend a penny. It’s free! So after that, I search the affiliate program; where I found ACCESSTRADE.

Were you worried that it might be a scam? 

At first, I thought it was a scam. Too good to be true. But then I just try since I’m not required to pay anything. So why not? And I am also fortunate that I found ACCESSTRADE early in my career as an affiliate marketer. 

How has your life changed since starting affiliate marketing? 

My life changed after I checked my dashboard account and there was money for my affiliate

program. So I guess, this is the right time to do this seriously.

What does your regular day look like? 

Just normal days like other people. Go to work, try things out and share with people. But then after I discovered ACCESSTRADE, it is still the same but I just need to add a link so that I can get a commission for it.

How do you create content to promote the products? 

Usually, I share through my Instagram story and Twitter. But most of the time, I’ll share through my blog. The point that matters the most is the quality of the content and the second thing is the platform where you are promoting the products. 

Did you manage to influence your friends or family to join affiliate marketing? 

Yes, of course. They also wonder how I make money online. After they know how it works, they are interested to join too. The satisfaction of growing is when we grow together. 

How is affiliate marketing helping you? Finance? Career? 

In finance, yes of course. It helps me. In my career, I realized that I tend to share more stories in order to insert my affiliate link. But then I’ll ensure only good stories and honest reviews will be shared with people.

Do you see yourself doing affiliate marketing in the long run or is it a short stint? 

In my opinion, I’ll pursue this in the long term. You never know if people use your affiliate until you check the dashboard. It is interesting and like surprises too. The real joy is to keep getting those satisfying surprises for a long, and I am looking forward to it. 

What are the challenges you faced when you first joined affiliate marketing? 

At first, it was kinda tricky since people always remind me that there are too many scams nowadays. But again there are some reputable platforms that you can trust. I am glad that I found ACCESSTRADE and it has been the best thing that happened to me in my journey of becoming an affiliate marketer.

What are the new challenges you are facing now? 

The new challenge is that I just need to find the time to promote more. Most people think that it is easy peasy to create content and then promote it but in fact, it consumes a lot of time and you have to promote it as well because only good content is not enough. Promoting is as essential as good content. 

What are your tips to remain relevant and active on the social media platform? 

I guess you should share quality content instead of based on quantity. One thing that has become quite clear to me is that the quality of the content matters far more than the quantity of content. You have to build trust and it can only be done when the content of your post is solid and good things take time. 

What do you think is the key to being a successful affiliate marketer? 

Just be honest with your review and consistent. As I have already said that the quality of the content is important. It is no click-and-bait business, you have to build trust and it is only possible if you would be honest. Then there comes the consistency. The competition is really tough and you have to be consistent to stay relevant. 

How have you benefited by joining ACCESSTRADE MY? 

Yes, I become more confident to share what I love and what I buy without thinking others might judge me. Joining ACCESSTRADE MY was the best thing that happened to me. ACCESSTRADE MY filled me with the satisfaction of being legit as it is important because every beginner at some point has the fear of scams and all. 

What advice would you give to those people who want to take a leap of faith but are reluctant about trying something new like affiliate marketing? 

You should try. You never know until you try. Plus, you don’t have to spend a penny. It’s

commission-based so you sow what you plant. Start small but start and be consistent in your approach and think out of the box.

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