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Commission Factory Announced as Platinum Sponsor for Performance Growth Summit 2022

Commission Factory, a performance marketing platform, has officially joined hands with ACCESSTRADE Malaysia to sponsor the Performance Growth Summit to be held at iSpace, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to connect performance marketers across the globe. 

This hybrid event will welcome industry experts to discuss the key performance indicators for digital marketing, future tips, performance trends, and strategies for collective growth. 

Commission Factory Joins PGS 2022

With 750+ advertisers, Commission Factory is the leading affiliate marketing platform empowering businesses to establish meaningful relationships that guarantee exposure and long-term growth. 

53+ highly-qualified employees empower Commission Factory to handle the ever-growing needs of the marketing world. Globally and especially in the APAC region, Commission Factory provides unparalleled services to customers while allowing them to build communities with common goals of growth and productivity.  

Irrespective of your business domain, Commission Factory provides companies with time-tested and proven strategies to drive growth. 

On top of that, it offers a robust and result-oriented tracking system to ensure a hassle-free experience for advertisers and affiliates. 

How does Commission Factory Function?

Being the largest performance-based affiliate marketing network in the Asia-Pacific, Commission Factory ensures both advertisers and affiliates proceed in the right direction. It acts as an intermediary between publishers/partners and merchants/advertisers. 

It provides merchants with cutting-edge technology to find ideal affiliates. On the other hand, it offers affiliates cost-free connections to hundreds of credible affiliate programs. 

Commission Factory follows a CPA commercial model. CPA stands for cost per click; it means only paying for results. Simply put, advertisers will pay, and affiliates will get a commission for successful sales only. It has a unique tracking system in place to follow, track, and collect all the conversions, thus ensuring transparency and promoting result-centric affiliate marketing strategies. 

Advertisers, affiliates, and even agencies can leverage the all-in-one affiliate marketing solution of Commission Factory to boost their business growth. Check out more about the company by visiting their social pages

Let’s now discuss the Performance Growth Summit 2022 presented by ACCESSTRADE Malaysia with the proud sponsorship of the Commission Factory. 

What’s in the Performance Growth Summit 2022?

It’s the biggest growth event in the APAC region, bringing marketers, content creators, advertisers, program managers, solution providers, retailers, and many more under one roof. These all will be joining with a single motive of “Connecting Performance Marketers Worldwide.” 

ACCESSTRADE— the largest CPA affiliate network in Southeast Asia and Japan— is the organizer of the event.  

What to Expect from PGS 2022

Some of the unraveled advantages of joining the summit include;

  • Establishing connections with industry experts 
  • Availing opportunities to grow and cultivate your professional networks
  • Boosting your business performance using vetted tips of market leaders
  • Learning ever-changing trends in the digital marketing space
  • Opening up avenues of collective growth 
  • Understanding how to survive the challenging post-pandemic situations
  • Participating in various activities to win exciting prizes 

Who are the Key Speakers?

Many experts from diverse fields will be joining to add value to this mega event of PGS 2022. Among them, a few notable names include;

Daniel Lee— Senior Business Development Manager of Commission Factory 

Daniel is equipped with 6 years of experience in building and growing digital e-commerce-based brands, especially in Southeast Asia. On top of that, Daniel’s portfolio shines with his achievements in managing profitable and meaningful affiliate partnerships to grow hundreds of businesses. Among them, a few famous ones include Watsons, 11street, Shopee, Maybank, Nestle, Uniqlo,, Russell Taylors, Sports Direct, and AirAsia. 

The senior representative of the event’s platinum sponsor will talk about multiple dimensions of performance marketing in the APAC region

Hayato Nakata— CEO and COO of ACCESSTRADE Singapore & Malaysia  

For over 12 years, Hayato has been offering digital marketing solutions for turning loss-making businesses into profitable ones. In addition, he is famously known for building top-notch SEO setups and agencies in the APAC region. Hayato will highlight the event and then join the panelists as a moderator to facilitate a productive session on the ‘Future of Advertisement.’

Francis LUI— Founder and CEO of NexMind

CEO of NexMind Francis is another notable addition to Performance Growth Summit 2022. He’ll add value with his 25 years of unparalleled experience in building multiple enterprise solutions. In 2020, Francis was recognized as a Merit Winner of the MSC Malaysia APICTA Award. With his documented and globally recognized expertise in artificial intelligence, he will be defining the direction of AI-powered SEO for optimized content generation

Calvin Yeap— Senior Marketing Manager

Calvin will be joining PGS 2022 as a Panelist. Two other panelists will join him to  discuss the ‘Future of Advertisement.’ Calvin’s expertise lies in helping brands in building revenues. In addition, he has exceptional experience in the digital marketing sector.  

Mildred Ang— Partnership & Affiliate Leads

Her versatile expertise covering SEM, Affiliate, and Paid Social Media marketing will be a perfect fit for an audience looking to move at a fast pace in the digital era. Mildred will discuss how new behaviors are shaping post-pandemic travel

Key Details of Performance Growth Summit 2022

The event is hybrid, meaning both in-house and online attendees will be benefiting from it. This 6-hour long event would be divided into two segments separated by a Lunch/ Networking session. 

The first session will start with the introductory speech of Hayato Nakata and end with the concluding remarks of Daniel Lee. After lunch, Mildred Ang will resume the event, and then panelists will proceed further with a crucial discussion about the future of advertisements. 

There would be exciting activities throughout the session to keep everyone engaged and offer more networking opportunities. On top of that, activity participants will be able to win some great prizes.   

Wrap Up

With the official joining of the event’s platinum sponsor— Commission Factory—PGS is already receiving a massive positive response from professionals throughout the SEA countries. 

Make sure to reserve your space and mark your calendar for the year’s most exciting yet productive event. 

ACCESSTRADE Malaysia is ready to welcome you!