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ACCESSTRADE Takes KTIC Group To the Top with A Dynamic Affiliate Program


KTIC is an internet service provider based in Malaysia that is co-founded by Ken TEO and Isaac CHONG, both the Directors of KTIC Group. Since its establishment in 2012, its goal has been to become the country’s largest provider of internet products and services to the masses and businesses in Malaysia. To do this, they have implemented a comprehensive marketing approach, which includes Counter Kiosk, door-to-door, car rovers, and a significant expansion of ACCESSTRADE, a marketing platform used to reach influencers and affiliate partners.

This picture shows (from the left) Ken TEO and Isaac CHONG, both the Directors of KTIC Group.


To develop and execute an affiliate marketing strategy that drives new customer acquisition and increases revenue.


An affiliate marketer can be a leading link to connect and touch a new customer base for KTIC consisting of hundreds of other affiliate marketers and publishers, spreading the word about the business and its products, helping bring in new customers, and increasing sales. It’s a win-win for both parties!


KTIC found success with ACCESSTRADE, achieving impressive results with its affiliate network. With creative strategies, incentives, and detailed analysis, KTIC was able to reach its desired goals in a shorter time. An increase in leads, conversions, and revenue. Congratulations to KTIC!


KTIC started in 2012 with the dream of “To become the largest provider of internet products and services in Malaysia.”

KTIC is an internet service provider that provides broadband and wireless services to customers and businesses in Malaysia. KTIC Group is a top-ranked authorized reseller in the internet product industry in Malaysia. They have been in the business for over 10 years and are known for offering reliable, high-speed services at an affordable price.

To stay true to their motto, the directors of KTIC Group knew that their marketing strategy had to match their spirit. So, after seeing multichannel success online with TMpoint, Counter Kiosk, door-to-door, and having over 100 car rovers throughout Malaysia, they sought another channel to reach their untapped audience, the influencers and affiliate partners in a real and tangible way—and they found ACCESSTRADE.

Previously they had more than 10,000 sales per month, which need to expand, seeing a post-pandemic surge for 5G internet service providers in the industry. 

The Challenge: 

Engage with More Businesses and Affiliates Across the Industries

KTIC wanted to expand and build a customer base among affiliate partners and publishers that can be a potential breakthrough link for further customer acquisition and sales.

To become the largest provider of internet products and services in Malaysia, KTIC had to find a way to leverage its existing resources to reach more customers and increase its affiliate partner base. They also needed to create a system that would make tracking performance and managing affiliate relationships easier. KTIC had to develop an effective method to reach new customers and manage relationships with affiliate partners to achieve its goal. They also needed to find a way to measure their marketing initiatives’ success and track their affiliate partners’ performance.

The Goal: 

To develop and execute an affiliate marketing strategy that drives new customer acquisition and increases revenue


  1. Increase the number of affiliate partners by 20% in the first year of the collaboration.
  2. Increase affiliate revenue by 10% in the campaign’s first year.
  3. Increase customer acquisition by 5% in the program’s first year.
  4. Develop and maintain affiliate relationships for long-term success.
  5. Track, analyze, and optimize the affiliate program for maximum efficiency


Engage Affiliate Marketers as Customers of KTIC Products and Services 

KTIC decided to partner with ACCESSTRADE, an affiliate network that specializes in connecting businesses with online influencers. Using this approach would allow KTIC to reach a broader audience and get more exposure to its services.

ACCESSTRADE Affiliate Network and its affiliate partners have teamed up with KTIC to make affiliate marketing more accessible to other affiliate partners. KTIC provides an easy-to-use, self-service platform that makes it simple for businesses and publishers to get started with affiliate marketing. The platform is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, so companies and publishers can quickly set up campaigns and start earning commissions.

By partnering with KTIC, ACCESSTRADE Affiliate Network and its affiliate partners can provide a comprehensive suite of services to their affiliates. For example, they can offer branded affiliate links, make referrals, create customized reports, monitor campaign performance, and provide personalized customer service. KTIC also offers a range of payment options and other features, allowing publishers to easily manage their campaigns and maximize their earnings potential.

All in all, ACCESSTRADE Affiliate Network and its partners have provided affiliate partners with a comprehensive solution that makes it easier to get started with affiliate marketing. With the help of KTIC, they can offer a simple and intuitive platform, so businesses and publishers can quickly get up and running and start earning commissions.


Businesses and partners becoming aware of Internet products, services, and Features by KTIC 

KTIC launched its ACCESSTRADE affiliate network successfully and saw a significant increase in its customer base and popularity. They also saw a considerable rise in their revenue and profits. The affiliate network also allowed them to reach new customers and better understand their existing customers with feedback from affiliates.

According to Ken TEO, one of the executives at KTIC Group,

“There might be some segment of customers we can’t get across via our existing channels. With affiliate partners, we can now reach out to these customers. We can disseminate our information and generate sales from it.”

ACCESSTRADE Affiliate Network provided KTIC access to a large network of over 10,000 active affiliates and 200+ brands with more than 3 million merchandise. 

The platform also gives members access to a powerful back-end reporting system that shows how each partner performs over time. In addition, each affiliate has unique tools for managing its online marketing efforts and tracking its progress toward earning commissions on sales made through its website or blog.

The collaboration between ACCESSTRADE Affiliate Network and affiliate partners and KTIC proved successful. Through the implementation of the affiliate marketing program, KTIC was able to create a recognizable name among different industries. 

In addition, through their affiliates, KTIC was able to increase brand awareness, reach new customers, and drive sales. As a result, KTIC saw a 57% increase in visitors, a 75% increase in conversions, and a 25% increase in sales.

On top of that, the feedback from the affiliate partners was overwhelmingly positive. They could easily integrate the campaigns into their existing sites and saw a steady increase in sales.

In the end, KTIC Group saw a 42.3% increase in registrations through the ACCESSTRADE platform and achieved its goal of becoming the largest provider of internet products and services in Malaysia.

The affiliate program also enabled KTIC to make its products and services more accessible to other affiliate partners. The move opened up new opportunities for the company to reach a wider range of customers and increase its overall brand visibility.

The program provided KTIC with a steady stream of customers and a larger reach for its products and services. Furthermore, the program allowed KTIC to make its services more accessible to other affiliate partners, allowing them to expand its reach and increase its overall brand visibility.

Overall, the success of the ACCESSTRADE Affiliate Network and KTIC’s partnership was undeniable. The campaign results exceeded expectations, and it is clear that this type of affiliate marketing program is an effective way to reach new customers and increase revenue.


KTIC’s successful launch of ACCESSTRADE’s affiliate network was a great success

Through its innovative strategies, a powerful network of affiliates, and superior customer service, the ACCESSTRADE Affiliate Network has reached out to many potential customers and brought them to KTIC. The success of this campaign has been instrumental in helping KTIC gain recognition in the industry and build a strong reputation in the market. This venture’s success has benefited both ACCESSTRADE Affiliate Network and its partners, and it is a testament to the power of partnerships and the potential of effective online marketing strategies.

Check out the full interview session with the Co-founders of KTIC Group below!

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