Affiliate Marketing

How to Setup your Publisher Account

Once you have signed up as a publisher you can head over to ACCESSTRADE Publisher Dashboard > Account Setting to complete filling up your personal data such as your Profile, Bank Account and Site.


Bank Account

  1. Bank Name: The name of the bank where the your bank account is located
  2. Branch Name: The place where the bank is located
  3. Zip Code: The zip code of the bank with the account number is located.
  4. Address: The address of your home or business where mail can be received
  5. SWIFT/BIC Code: The global bank identifiers that securely verify a specific bank for an international transaction
  6. IFSC: Indian Financial System Code – to identify the account number and branch (Required only for India bank)
  7. Account Type: Current or Saving Account
  8. Currency: Select your preferred currency for payment
  9. Account Name: Bank account name
  10. Account Number: Bank account number


  1. Site Name: The name to identify your site
  2. Site URL: The site address of your site
  3. Type: Describe the property type you use to promote
  4. Traffic: The traffic source you use to drive your customer to make a purchase
  5. Lead Generation: The traffic source you use to generate leads
  6. Category: What is your site main categories?
  7. Description: Any other additional information you can tell us about your site

Take Away:

Now that your profile had been setup, you are ready for the next step to Apply for your first campaign.