How To Use Your Affiliate Link?

Once your campaign has been approved, you can head over to Campaign > Affiliated Campaigns and get your affiliate link.

The next step is to select the affiliated campaign you want to get your affiliate link, or example: Lotus’s, you can click on “Get Affiliate Link” or click on the campaign image to direct you to the campaign details page to get your affiliate link.

There are 4 tabs at the top section of this page. (Details, affiliate links, banners, custom creatives), Head to How to Apply for your first Affiliate Campaign for the in-depth breakdown.

A specific URL that contains the affiliate’s ID. Affiliate Links are used to record the traffic that is sent to the advertiser’s website.

Simply copy and paste the link to your website/social media platforms or you can use it as a text link.

Visual web advertising resources or promotional material the advertiser provides to show your customers information in an engaging way.

Many banner sizes are available for download and can be shared or posted on social media, community groups, blog posts, websites, etc. Banners are available in JPEG, PNG, or HTML links. HTML links are for webpage and blog.

Custom Creative

Moving on to the best part, Custom Creative allows for more customization to the specific landing page, product, or service to which you want to direct your audiences.

Step 1: Go to the business webpage and find the product that we wanted to promote. (In this case, Lotus).

Step2: Copy the link from the browser

Step 3: Paste the link on the Landing URL section. You may also rephrase the name of the link in the Creative name section.

4. Once added, click the Generate button at the bottom right of the page to get your affiliate link.

And BOOM! You can copy your affiliate link and use it as a text link or simply insert it on your post.

Example: You better checked out the best milk powder formula that I got! It is really good for your kids and it contains a well-balanced nutrient of AA+DHA, GOS, 5 Nucleotides. Get it at Lotus official store, Enjoy RM10 off voucher if your order delivered late. Best Milk Powder for your baby

Take Away:

Now that you understand what is an affiliate link and how to get your affiliate link. Learn more about the Validation process and how to understand Report.