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PERFORMANCE GROWTH SUMMIT 2022 Gathers The Top Industries in Southeast Asian country

Since 2017, the overseas affiliate service “ACCESSTRADE” has been holding the global conference “ACCESSTRADE SUMMIT”, where top advertisers and media from Japan and Southeast Asian countries gather. The annual event was held online last year due to the pandemic crisis which was also faced by digital marketers in every country. “PERFORMANCE GROWTH SUMMIT MALAYSIA 2022” was held in Malaysia and will be held in other countries soon. 

PERFORMANCE GROWTH SUMMIT is a place where many business players in Southeast Asia can input the latest information on marketing performance strategies to improve business performance, especially for advertisers, digital marketing agencies, and solution providers. It is a conference event not only for affiliates but also for a wide variety of performance marketing industry players to exchange business perspectives and experiences.

Participants are coming from many countries, including Singapore, Australia, India, Malaysia, and the Philippines, with a total of over 500 attendees, it was the largest offline event ever since the outbreak of the pandemic, making it a new milestone for ACCESSTRADE.

Under the theme “Connecting Performance Marketers Around the Globe,” the “PERFORMANCE GROWTH SUMMIT MALAYSIA 2022” featured industry experts and top company leaders such as TikTok Shop, KLOOK, CJ, and other key players in the performance marketing industry, as well as the government support groups. During the talks and panel discussion session that is focusing on the future performance marketing strategies, subjects including the latest market trends, useful practices, and efforts from each industry were discussed.`

Under the theme of “The Future of Advertising,” the panel discussion was a lively discussion on important topics in Internet advertising, such as marketing strategies that are expected to be effective in the future market, changes in advertisers’ needs for digital marketing, and strengthening consumer protection trends.

Although ACCESSTRADE MALAYSIA has been partially affected by the pandemic, the company is still seeing growth in its sales as a result of a rise in demand for digital services, particularly e-commerce, brought on by the acceleration of the “digital shift” and “stay-at-home consumption.”

Since the beginning of this year, domestic and overseas travel has become more active as the pandemic-related regulations in each country have calmed down. In addition, payment services such as QR code payment and BNPL (Buy Now, Pay Later) have penetrated deeper into consumers, also the booming fintech market.

In addition, in Southeast Asian countries, we are actively working on various initiatives to meet the recent marketing needs of advertisers and media, developing new tools, etc., and are progressing to expand. ACCESSTRADE Influencers, Southeast Asia’s first performance-based influencer platform specializing in nano and micro-influencers, launched in Thailand in October 2021 and Indonesia in August 2022. The number of registrants has increased significantly. It is scheduled to be launched in Malaysia in November 2022.

Because the Southeast Asian market is still in its early stages, there is still room for expansion. ACCESSTRADE will step up its efforts to expand the overall digital advertising market as well as the affiliate market in each country, as well as to boost the Southeast Asian market!

Source from: Interspace Japan