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How To Get Your Commission Payment?

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1.    How to get your payment?

You have promoted your affiliate link, you have check your conversions status and know how to retrieve the report. But then, when you can get your commission payment?

On the Accesstrade Dashboard, the payment page contains information such as month, commission earned, commission unpaid by ACCESSTRADE, total commission and other information.

To check on your commission, you may sign in to your publisher dashboard and head over to the payments menu.

  1. The publisher commission will be paid directly by ACCESSTRADE via transfer to a bank account that has been completed by Publisher on the account settings menu > Bank Account.
  2. The commission will not be credited to your account if any of your bank information is empty from the account setting menus.

2.    How will the commission or your payment will be credited?

ACCESSTRADE will only be able to close the sales data for the (previous month) once the Advertiser has completed the certification procedure. Approximately 10th of every month (Month+1). Publishers will be able to check the approved commission amount on ‘Payment’ and request the payment. Our finance team will process the payment at the end of Month+2.

Commission Payment Credited Criteria:

  • Minimum Threshold RM60                               –       Minimum Threshold US$150
  • Local Bank Transfer                                            –       Wire Transfer      
  • Minimum Threshold S$50                                 –     Minimum Threshold US$500
  • Local Bank Transfer                                            –     Wire Transfer
  1. We are able to send the commission to global-wide in USD if you don’t have the Malaysia/Singapore local bank account.
  2. The Base Currency is in Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) for Malaysia, while SG is Singapore Dollar (SG). Any currency exchanges will be based on the latest online currency exchange.

3)    Why my Payment Rejected?

The following situation could cause rejection.

1) Recurring order from the one cookie data – Commissionable per order ID per one cookie. If another purchase is made from the same cookie, it will be rejected as it is considered as “Multiple transactions per cookie”

2) Not last click – The last click wins the conversion, eligible for the pay-out.

3) Ad fraud – Misleading or wrong promotion ad message and also brand bidding ad that can lead to your commission payment being rejected.

4) Unauthorize traffic source

  • Traffic that is not of a nature permitted to be transmitted under the Service Schedule and exceeds any volume restrictions specified in the Service Schedule.

5) Purchase item is rejected or refunded

  • The publisher will not receive the payment if any of the customers return the items/request a refund or reported a missing item to the advertiser.

4) Payment Period

15 days if it has reached the minimum payment terms.


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