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What is Validation Process & Report?

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I believe everyone are curious on how much they have earned every time after the campaigns end. We understand that sometimes report can be a little intimidating. However, in Accesstrade we provide a simple process for you to retrieve your report and to know the validation process. Let’s get started!

1. Validation Process

Validation is a process taken by an advertiser to review all conversions made by a publisher, which it will appear in the report. Each campaign has a “Validation Period” and “Payment Terms” which has been set by the advertisers.

  1. The validation period is the same as what you find on the campaign page for each campaign.
  2. Each campaign validation period varies some may have shorter and some may have longer periods.
  3. In certain scenarios, it is not uncommon that validation periods are dragged longer when the advertiser faces some issue (Resource, manpower, general slowness, etc)

When the publisher install an affiliate link on a website or blog or social media, it is necessary to read the description of each campaign because of the importance of knowing the target to be achieved from the campaign to be promoted.

In the report’s menu, there are several sub-menus. As an ACCESSTRADE publisher, it is important to know your respective functions especially CONVERSION.

Firstly, to know the conversion/action that occurs in a certain period. You can set the Data type, select the conversion date and set the period to determine the date you wish to find.

Fill in the Campaign column with the specific campaign or you can leave it blank to get the overall campaign result. Lastly, select the conversion status you are looking for such as Pending, Approved, Rejected or all and hit the show report button. All the recorded conversion data will immediately display in the system, report.

2. Conversion Pending

  1. Payment still pending from the advertiser side. Please note that it could take 15-30 days to process the payment.
  2. This symbol provides information that the conversion or action has not been entered into the validation process carried out by the advertiser.

3. Conversion Approved

On the ACCESSTRADE publisher dashboard, approved conversions are marked with the symbol “√”. This symbol provides information that the conversion or action matches the target of the campaign posted by the publisher.

4. Conversion Rejected

Once the validation complete and conversion was rejected the symbol “X” will appear in the report. This symbol provides information that the conversion or action is rejected or does not match the target of the campaign posted by the publisher.

Take Away

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