5 Ways To Improve Organic Search Ranking
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5 Ways To Improve Organic Search Ranking

Do you have a business website that you want to improve your organic search ranking on top of the search engine? Are you looking for organic reach for your website that gets traffic and converts into customers or daily visitors?

5 Ways To Improve Organic Search Ranking

No matter how enriched, innovative, and highly efficient your product is, nobody will care unless you rank on the first page of Google SERPs for relevant queries. Otherwise, people may never know that you even exist.

You will be surprised that the #1 spot on Google search results gets 33% of traffic in the entire search engine, which is quite impressive.

So, whether you have an amazing product that you want to market or cost-effective services that your business offers, these 5 ways to improve your organic search ranking will change your perspectives on doing online business.

Let’s get started!

1 – Define Your Keyword List

It’s nearly impossible to rank against every keyword that the search engine has related to your business or industry. However, your prior goal should be ranking against highly relevant keywords and securing organic reach.

If you are a beginner or newbie, evaluating and targeting keywords will require much effort in marketing and management. But you can make the process easier by brainstorming about how people will search for a specific query, product, or service that you are offering.

Now here’s another thing…

If your website is new and you’re just starting, you should opt for less competitive keywords with a high search volume. These keywords have a high potential of bringing premium traffic while ranking easily compared to the keywords with high competition and might take years or months to rank and improve your organic search ranking.

2 – Select Keywords That Matches Your Website Intent

In order to get your organic search to improve and rank higher, you have defined your keyword list. Your next step should be matching your keywords with your website intent. According to Google, there are three types of search intent:

5 Ways To Improve Organic Search Ranking

Informational: The informational keywords indicate that the searcher tends to get some information, guidance, or an ultimate guide about a specific topic. For instance, “How To Fix A Broken Car.”

Transactional: The transactional keywords indicate that the searcher tends to purchase a specific product or service online. For example, “best gaming laptop, best gaming mouse.”

Navigational:  In navigational keywords, the searcher visits a website to get information or a specific vendor or brand for purchase. For example, “ASUS Gaming Laptop, Razor Gaming Mouse, How To Setup Dell Gaming Monitor.”

3 – Google Ranks High-Quality Content

High quality always beats the competition, whether ranking organic on Google or something else. Google considers more than 200 factors to rank a website’s specific page or content, which is insane.

5 Ways To Improve Organic Search Ranking

But some major factors matter the most, and high-quality content is one of them!

Before getting into technical SEO stuff, remember that high-quality content that provides value and compels your targeted audience and keywords will always rank. Try to make viral content and let Google reward content virality in its ranking algorithm.

Another notable benefit of creating high-quality content is that it will increase the average time a visitor spends on your website, which is another factor in ranking. Plus, visitors will come again if you provide value and help them with their problems.

On the other hand, the best way to rank for a keyword is to use it in your content. Creating high-quality content is the first requirement of ranking. But, if you use your keywords in your content, it will be SEO-Optimized and give Google a signal of relevance.

You can use your main or secondary keywords in

  1. Titles
  2. Main Content Body
  3. Headlines
  4. Conclusion / Final Words

4 – Create Diversity In Your Content & Avoid Duplication

One of the major factors that most SEO experts neglect is the content similarity in your web pages. You may face a duplication issue if you have two web pages covering the same topic with a slight difference.

Google hates duplication, which will result in not ranking either of the pages because the search engine may not analyze which page is worth ranking, so it’s best not to give a ranking to both.

Instead, it would be great if you maintained diversification in your content and made it unique. Review your web pages after a month or a week if you frequently publish content, and ensure you don’t run into this issue.

On the other hand, Google loves the updates and recency of a web page or content. The more up-to-date your content is, the more value you add to it, and the better it will work on the search engine.

To ensure your website is performing well on Google, always keep an eye on your recent posts or old content. If your blog posts are outdated, try to rewrite them and add more value. But make sure you won’t remove a single word from it; otherwise, you may face negative consequences.

5 – Remove Pages That Are Not Providing Value

When it comes to your website, quality is more important than quantity. The more pages you have that aren’t providing value to your audience, the more likely your organic rankings will be improved and impacted.

5 Ways To Improve Organic Search Ranking

You may lose ranking points for your site if you have too many pages. Also, the overlapping subject matter could result in these pages cannibalizing the rankings of more valuable pages.

But evaluating which pages are worth removing becomes challenging. Here are a few ways to determine the pages that you should remove from your website:

  1. Pages that have no backlinks
  2. Pages that have poor or inappropriate keyword ranking
  3. High bounce rate
  4. Pages that cover a topic that is no longer relevant to your audience

Once you identify these pages, your next should be deleting these pages. If not, then you can redirect them to other pages.

Final Words

You need to consider several factors to improve your organic rankings. However, if you frequently publish high-quality and SEO Optimized content and target low-competition keywords with high search volume, you will see your pages getting ranked in less time.

Moreover, optimizing your page titles with relevant keywords would be great to improve your organic search ranking. Write a meta description for each page, use keyword variations for internal linking, and ensure that your website is mobile-friendly.

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