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Global Leaders in Digital Advertising Convene at ACCESSTRADE SUMMIT 2023 Virtual Conference

ACCESSTRADE GLOBAL, a subsidiary of Interspace Group, held its annual ACCESSTRADE SUMMIT (ATSUMMIT) on March 16th, 2023. The global conference featured seminars, discussion events, and awards for ACCESSTRADE partners from around the world. This year’s event was held online using the Meetmaps virtual platform, as it has been for the past two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The event brought together participants from Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, and other countries, and featured a wide range of discussion topics including artificial intelligence, finance, KOC, e-commerce, content creation, and SEO. The session is broken into two rooms: Main room showcasing Panel Discussions and the second room featuring ACCESSTRADE’s country sessions.

During the opening speech of the virtual conference, Shohei Fujita, who is the Managing Director of Global Business at Interspace Group, addressed the topic of performance marketing and its current and future trends. He highlighted the importance of performance marketing in the current digital landscape and shared his insights on the direction of where ACCESSTRADE as a global company is headed in 2023. His presentation set the tone for the rest of the conference and gave attendees a glimpse of what to expect from the event.

Followed by Ganesh Jaju, Director of Data Science and Client Development at CJ, delivered the first keynote speech of the event, addressing the topic of affiliate marketing trends in 2023. He emphasized the importance of evolving customer behavior, personal connections between influencers and publishers, and simplified marketing. By using affiliate marketing, brands can expand globally and increase their worldwide connections, leading to higher shopper conversions, AOV, and revenue per shopper. Jaju also highlighted the integrated and strategic approach of affiliate and influencer marketing with tenured experience driving results and offering end-to-end solutions.

Moving on, is the second Keynote Speaker by ShopBack, Co-Founder Joel Leong delivered an inspiring speech during the AT SUMMIT 2023, sharing insights on the company’s success story. He talked about the trials and errors they faced during their early beginnings and how they eventually found success on their third try. From a simple “Shop Online Earn Cashback” model, ShopBack has now grown into a one-stop-shop for all things shopping, serving 10 markets and 35M users globally. Leong’s speech was filled with valuable insights for anyone looking to start a business or grow an existing one.

Following the insightful keynote speeches, a diverse panel of digital industry experts convened to discuss various topics related to affiliate marketing and performance marketing. The panelists included Tina Tran and Daniel Nguyen from Tiktok Shop Vietnam, Châu Muối, who ranked second in the KOC category at ACCESSTRADE Vietnam, and Dũng Bùi, the General Manager of Interspace Vietnam, who moderated a discussion on KOC – The New Strategy for Social Marketing. The panelists shared their insights and experiences on how to effectively leverage KOCs (Key Opinion Customers) for social marketing and maximize the potential of this emerging trend in affiliate marketing.

Following the keynote speeches, the AT SUMMIT 2023 continued with a panel discussion on the topic of Understanding SEO Keyword for Conversions: Field Experiences. The panel was comprised of Peeraphon Jensubsin, Managing Director of, Nissa Khampimool of Business Development ANC Brokerage Co., Ltd., Konami Saito, VP of ACCESSTRADE Global, and Pornpreeya Hanchanlert, Partnership Executive at ACCESSTRADE Thailand. They shared their insights and experiences on how to effectively use SEO keywords to drive conversions, including tips on keyword research, optimization techniques, and measuring success. The panel provided valuable takeaways for attendees looking to improve their SEO strategies and drive more conversions.

During the conference, attendees were treated to a session on the crucial topic of fraud management in affiliate marketing. Moderated by Enguang Ren, Product Manager of Interspace Group and panelded by Cris Tan, Sr. Partner Development Manager – SEA at, and Gaurav Mehta, Founder of Adswolf LLC. The panel discussed the potential impact of fraudulent activities on businesses and shared insights on preventing and detecting fraud. The panelists emphasized the importance of transparency and collaboration between all stakeholders, including advertisers, publishers, and networks, in combating fraud. Attendees left the session armed with practical tips and valuable information on implementing effective fraud management strategies.

The third panel discussion focused on the challenges and opportunities in the financial services industry, moderated by Dinh Nguyen, Finance Manager of Interspace Vietnam. The panelists, Ryan Dwana, Business Director of Initiative, and Anirudh Bapna, Associate Director of MAAS Platform, shared their expertise and insights on ways to optimize performance and drive growth in the industry, including leveraging data and analytics, enhancing customer experience, and building stronger partnerships among stakeholders. The panel provided valuable insights into the future of financial services and the strategies needed to overcome challenges and seize opportunities.

The final panel discussion focused on the future of artificial intelligence (AI) on content marketing. Moderated by Prayudho Rahardjo, CEO of Interspace Indonesia, the panel featured Nur Anasta Rahmat, CEO & Co-founder of WeaReGroup Indonesia, and Maulana Sakti, SEO Content Specialist from Pacmann. The session explored the potential of AI in enhancing content marketing strategies, the challenges of incorporating AI into marketing campaigns, and the importance of leveraging data insights to drive more effective content marketing.

Country session from Indonesia has begun and is leading the discussion on the future of affiliate marketing in the country. The panelists included Amitoj Singh, the Director of MAAS Platform, and Rivan Pangestu, the owner of, with Prayudho Rahardjo, the Chief Executive Officer of Interspace Indonesia, moderating the discussion. The session delved into the potential for affiliate marketing in Indonesia and the challenges that the industry is currently facing. The panelists shared their insights on how to overcome these challenges, such as optimizing performance metrics and improving transparency in the industry. They also discussed the importance of collaboration and communication among stakeholders to drive growth and success in the future of affiliate marketing in Indonesia.

Next up is the ACCESSTRADE country session on “High Converting Content Creation Strategy” in Malaysia and Singapore was moderated by Hayato Nakata, CEO of ACCESSTRADE Malaysia and COO of ACCESSTRADE Singapore. The panelists included Uriel Augustin, Account Director of SEA & IN from Global Savings Group, and Ethan Wong, founder of Nexis Novus Technology & Freebies4u Malaysia. The session delved into the best practices for creating effective content that drives conversions and the importance of data-driven strategies in optimizing content marketing efforts. The discussion provided valuable insights for marketers and content creators on how to create compelling content that resonates with their target audience and ultimately drives business growth.

The Vietnam country session of the ACCESSTRADE event concluded with a discussion on “KOC Generation – The New Future of E-Commerce.” The session featured a talk by Vu Duy (Call Me Duy), the champion of KOC Vietnam 2022. Duy shared his insights and expertise on how Key Opinion Consumers (KOCs) are reshaping the e-commerce industry and creating new opportunities for businesses to connect with consumers. The session provided valuable information for marketers and businesses looking to leverage the power of KOCs to drive sales and engagement.

The event culminated in the ACCESSTRADE AWARDS 2023 and Top Leaderboard award ceremony, presented by Shinichiro Kawabata, Founder and CEO of Interspace Group. The awards were presented to advertisers and publishers from every ACCESSTRADE branch country: Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and Vietnam. There were four categories for advertisers: E-Commerce, Finance, Travel, and Top Network. Meanwhile, there were seven categories for publishers: E-Commerce, Newbie, Finance, Service, Travel, Health & Beauty, and Marketplace.

Top Performing Winners from Multiple Countries Announced as below:

IndonesiaTop Publishers in E-Commerce CategoryAdswolf
IndonesiaTop Publishers in Newbie CategoryNyophee
IndonesiaTop Advertisers in E-Commerce CategoryLazada Indonesia
IndonesiaTop Advertisers in Top Network CategoryADA Asia
Malaysia & SingaporeTop Publishers in Finance CategoryEgentic Asia Pacific
Malaysia & SingaporeTop Publishers in Travel Category8th Loop
Malaysia & SingaporeTop Publishers in Services CategoryGlobal Savings Group
Malaysia & SingaporeTop Publishers in Health & Beauty CategoryMarket Malaysia Shop
Malaysia & SingaporeTop Publishers in Marketplace CategoryAdswolf
Malaysia & SingaporeTop Advertisers in E-Commerce (KOL) CategoryLazada Malaysia
Malaysia & SingaporeTop Advertisers in E-Commerce CategoryShopee Mobile Malaysia
ThailandTop Publishers in E-Commerce CategoryLine Points
ThailandTop Publishers in Finance CategoryWorthyMoney
ThailandTop Publishers in Newbie CategoryI AM RICH
ThailandTop Advertisers in Finance CategoryUOB
ThailandTop Advertisers in Travel CategoryDrivehub
ThailandTop Advertisers in E-Commerce CategoryBig C Supercenter Public Company Limited
VietnamTop Publishers in E-Commerce CategoryShopiness
VietnamTop Publishers in Finance CategoryDagoras
VietnamTop Publishers in KOC CategoryNguyen Dinh Hung
VietnamTop Advertisers in E-Commerce CategoryLazada Vietnam
VietnamTop Advertisers in Finance CategorySenmo

Overall, the ACCESSTRADE SUMMIT 2023 provided a valuable platform for digital experts in affiliate marketing and performance marketing to share their insights and experiences. With participants from around the world, the event showcased the latest trends and strategies in the industry and celebrated the achievements of advertisers and publishers

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