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[NEW PRODUCT LAUNCHED] Shopee XTRA Commission – Maximizing Your Earnings as a Publisher


In the world of affiliate marketing, finding innovative ways to maximize earnings is crucial. ACCESSTRADE introduces an exciting new feature called Shopee XTRA Commission, designed to empower publishers and help them earn extra commission by promoting specific shops and products under Shopee campaigns. This comprehensive product guide will delve into the differences between a normal Shopee campaign and Shopee XTRA Commission, highlighting the benefits and explaining how to make the most of this game-changing tool.


What is Shopee XTRA Commission?

A new feature that is developed by ACCESSTRADE allows publishers to earn extra commission by promoting specific shops under the Shopee campaign and its products using the given Affiliate link in Shopee XTRA Commission Dashboard. 

Difference between Normal Shopee Campaign vs Shopee XTRA Commission

  • Normal Shopee Campaign: Publishers earn Basic Commission based on the category by using the Shopee Affiliate Link on ACCESSTRADE Dashboard
  • Shopee XTRA Commission: Publishers earn Basic Commission with an Extra Commission by using the Specific Shops & Products link on ACCESSTRADE Shopee XTRA Commission Dashboard
Normal Shopee CampaignShopee XTRA Commission
Commission EarnedBasic CommissionBasic and Extra Commission
Link PromotedShopee Generic Affiliate LinkSpecific Shops/Products Link
Link SourceACCESSTRADE DashboardACCESSTRADE Shopee XTRA Commission Dashboard

Benefits of using Shopee XTRA Commission

Last Link Click and Direct Link Click Benefit: Commission priority will be given to those who promote direct shops or specific products under the shop. This feature enhances the earning potential of publishers, making it a valuable tool for strategic promotion. Those who’re not promoting the specific shop or its product will only be earning basic commissions.

How to use Shopee XTRA Commission

  1. Log in to your Publisher Dashboard and click on the ‘SHOP BONUS’ tab (soon the label will be revise as ‘Shopee XTRA’)
  1. Once redirected to the Shopee XTRA Commission dashboard, locate your desired shop and click ‘GET URL’ to obtain the direct shop link.
  1. Click ’COPY’ to get the direct shop Affiliate Link and use it to start promoting
  1. If you wish to promote a specific product in the specific shop, head back to Publisher Dashboard, and use the ‘CUSTOM CREATIVES’ feature as usual. The Shopee XTRA Commission will be automatically applicable as it redirects back to the Shopee Shops from the Shopee XTRA Commission Dashboard.

(Check how to use the Custom Creatives feature here)


Shopee XTRA Commission opens up new opportunities for publishers to increase their affiliate earnings by promoting specific shops and products on Shopee. By utilizing this feature, publishers can take advantage of the last link click and direct link click support, ensuring their efforts are rewarded with not just basiC commission, but along with extra commission. Stay ahead of the game and optimize your affiliate marketing strategy by integrating Shopee XTRA Commission into your promotional campaigns. Start earning more today!

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